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Author Topic: Request for Group Parayan - Clarification  (Read 8920 times)

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Request for Group Parayan - Clarification
« on: April 11, 2012, 06:58:37 AM »
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  • OM SAI RAM!!!

    This is a kind request and also to clarify that this collective platform of 
    "Group Parayan'  is by the GRACE OF SAI, to help those, who
    are in great distress and whose conditions are absolutely beyond
    their control; often in a dire "Life & Death" situation. It is for such
    persons that all of us are willing to take out time and pray with
    the power of combined prayers.

    We all have our small and big desires. But let us not worry and
    trouble others by seeking support for such issues.

    Why increase our "karmic debt" by doing so?
    Even if we pray individually to BABA, some of them may get fulfilled.


    the "Group Parayan" is for those, who see no sense of hope around,
    in the material world, who might be suffering every moment in
    their life, who might be struggling for their life.

    So, please, be thoughtful and avoid placing "Request for Group Parayan"
    for fulfillment of your small wishes and desires.

    Let us be large hearted and have compassion for those
    who are waging bigger battles in life,

    I hope you all take the above message in a positive way,


    JAI SAI RAM !!!

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