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Author Topic: Message for Sri Sai Baba Mahasamadhi Day 25th October, 1974 By H. H. Swami Kesav  (Read 2979 times)

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On the sacred day of Vijayadasami fifty six years back Sri Sai Baba attained His infinite aspect casting off His mortal coils. For over sixty years during His life time He ceaselessly strove to alleviate the miseries and suffering of His fellowmen and brought comfort and joy to innumerable devotees. Today He is even more active in giving experiences to those who seek His grace with devotion and earnestness. Sai cult has become a major spiritual force in our country and even beyond its frontiers. It is appropriate on this occasion to recall some of the essential features of Sri Sai Baba's teachings and rededicate ourselves to put them in practice in our lives.

It is well known that religion and religious practices in our country have in recent times become overlaid by ritual and dogma. To remedy this effect Sri Sai Baba gave a new orientation to the practice of religion, to make it more purposeful. Sri Sai Baba's emphasis has been that religion, need not necessarily mean negation of life. In the circumstances obtaining in our country renunciation in the name of religion is often the outcome of frustration and failure in life. Religion and philosophy should make one realise the transcendent element in life's make up so that while affirming the value of human life on earth one should not become a victim of it. While enjoying the pleasures and satisfac¬tions of worldly life, one should not lose sight of what lay behind the external aspect of life. Cultivation of such an attitude will endow one with courage to face the trials and tribulations of worldly existence and enable maintenance of gaiety and compo¬sure of the mind.

The failure of the vast majority of our people to achieve the objectives of attaining happiness is due to equating pleasures of the senses with mental and spiritual joys. Spiritual advance¬ment leads to some kind of instinctive insight and contributes to a condition of ecstacy opening up the door to higher knowledge, A judicious combination of normal worldly pursuits with a higher purpose of awakening the spirit in man, contributes to the attainment of poise and dignity as well as to mental peace and happiness.
Sri Sai Baba enjoined his devotees to lead a good and useful life, and to this end develop an unblemished character and a moral code which are also the necessary precursors for spiritual life. Sri Sai Baba combined such simple directions with the cardinal principles of religion and Philosophy, and stated them in a simple and understandable manner. In asking his followers not to place too great an emphasis and importance on worldly pleasures, He was emphasising the concept of Maya or the illusoriness of worldly pleasures. The human soul is a spark of the divine, and after passing through a period of life in this world it ultimately loses its individuality and merges with the universal soul, which is Moksha or liberation of the spirit. Sri Sai Baba knowing fully the limitations of human beings, did not prescribe difficult "sadhanas". His teachings serve as a beacon light to lead us from darkness and show us the right path for happiness in this world and hereafter. May Sri Sai Baba bless you all and shower His grace to confer on you goodness, happiness and prosperity.

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