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Author Topic: Yogi Raj Shri Vasudevanand Saraswati (A Biography) (Contd)  (Read 19636 times)

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Yogi Raj Shri Vasudevanand Saraswati (A Biography) (Contd)
« on: February 19, 2007, 07:48:16 AM »
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  • By:-Shri S. N. Huddar.

    Blessing for Issues

    Tatyasaheb Inamdar of Kawathe Guland came to see Swami Maharaj with his wife .He said, "Swamiji, I married this lady as advised by You 42 years before. But I have no issue as yet," He showed his wife's horoscope also. Inamdar asked, "How did you select such a girl for me?" Swamiji smiled and asked Shri Inamdar to do anushthan and gave a coconut to each as prasad while return¬ing. Inamdar took a Copy of Swamiji's photo from the priest. He returned the copy and took another copy. In the night both saw a dream in which Swamiji said, "You did not like my Photo. Then return the prasad also." saying so Swamiji took back the two, co¬conuts given to them. Next day they came to Swami Maharaj and narrated the dream. Swamiji said, "Yesterday a person told me that he was told in a dream; 'O, fool you are sleeping with foot to¬wards me.' and gave him a slap. He awoke and saw that there was a photo of Guru at his feet. He changed the direction of sleeping. One should not commit mistake again, God gives punishment." So saying Swamiji again gave them cocoanut and asked to imporve their behaviour. Inamdar returned and he had a son and a daughter by the blessings of Swami Maharaj.

    Gajanan Shastri Sadhle son of Shankarshastri of Mangaon (who had stopped Swamiji to come to him for studying Sanskrit) lived at Bombay. Blood was coming from the nostrils of his wife. In spite of treatments of Doctors and others, she had no relief. He came with his wife to see Swami Maharaj at Vadi, He brought with him fruits, chati, Dhakli, bowl for Swamiji who distributed them to others. For nose trouble, Swamiji gave 3 pudis of Bhasma and asked to mix it with juice of Board and put in the nostrils. He also gave a mantra for having issues. After taking the medicine, the bleeding stopped and after recitation of the Mantra as directed, he had a daughter and a son. His brother also had no issue. He was asked to take rounds around an Ashwatha tree. After doing this he also got a son.

    Blessing for money

    Annaji Krishnaji Pujari of Vadi was much in debts. He daily came to Swami Maharaj and sat in a corner in melancholy mood. Swamiji enquired about his welfare, He said, "I am a post-man getting petty salary in which I cannot maintain family and repay the debts." Swamiji explained to him a process of preparing a Pak (Tonic). Pujari prepared it for sale and was soon relieved of his debts.

    Sakharam Bapu Gende, a priest of Vadi, was asked to recite 'Datta Mala Mantra' After doing this he began to get money from his tenants. He was a photographer at Vadi. Similarly many others fulfilled their desires after abiding by the advice of Swamiji, Some were relieved of spirit troubles. Some females began to live with their husbands happily.

    Rules of Conduct for Priests

    Swami Maharaj laid down some rules for the behaviour of the priests. But some did not like the Rules and blamed Swamiji. For the blessings of Shri Datta they performed two Maha Rudras and 500 persons were fed. At the completion of the second, Swamiji had come for Prasad. This time the priests put a chati of Lord Datta on the body of Swamiji. After getting chati, Swamiji decided to go to the North as told by Shri Datta.

    Knowing that Swamiji would soon leave Vadi, people felt very sorry. Many requested him to stay; but Swamiji said, "I cannot act against the wishes of Lord Datta." Narayan Swami festival was on chaitra Vad 30. four days after. So Swamiji stayed till that day.

    Departure from Vadi

    On Vaishakh Shudh 1, the departure day of Swami Maharaj, crowds of poeple came to see him and receive his prasad. At 4 in the afternoon Swamiji stood, took his Chati, came down, for darshan of Lord Datta's Paduka. He prayed Lord Datta and advised the priests of all the four groups, "Behave well as your forefathers did and read, some portion of 'Shri Gurucharitra' daily. You will be relieved of the difficulties. Narasinha Saraswati (Dikshit Swami) will be here. Do as per his guidance. Do not leave the feet of Lord Datta."

    As he came out of the Mandir, 10 to 15 boys stood in a line and chanted a Marathi Pad, meaning of which is as follows:
    Guru Rai Kindly do not go; leaving us here as orphans
    How shall we bear your absence?
    All is dull and soulless without Thee.

    This was a most pathetic seen; All were shedding tears. This is an occasion similar to one when Shri Narsinha Saraswati left-Gangapur for Shri Shailgiri. Women of Vadi waved aarti to him and applied Akshat, Kunkum to Swamiji's forehead. People acc¬ompanied him upto Jodlimbe Maruti. Swamiji stopped here, sprinkled water of his bowl on the crowd, gave his blessings and asked them to return. He said, "If you all come here, who will look to the Dhoop, Aarti Etc. of Lord Datta?"

    Swamiji reached Shirol at one in the night of Vaishakh Shud 1, 1827 (1905 A. D.) He stayed at Datta Mandir for 3 days. Early in the morning Swami Maharaj went to Pancha-Ganga, one mile away, for bath. After rituals, he explained 'Upanishat' to the inter¬ested. After alms, he gave medicines, mantras to the distressed per¬sons.

    On Vaishakh Shud 4, Swamiji started from Shirol. While de¬parting he addressed to Narsinha Saraswati and others, "Lord Datta is living. Live and act with devotion." Swamiji reached Miraj Ghat-Miraj is 3-4-miles from here. Buttermilk was brought from there. A Photographer of Miraj took a photo of Swamiji at this place also. Swami Maharaj started for Pandharpur. He halted at Kamala-pur on the way. Swamiji saw in a dream a saint whose hands reached his knees. He said, to Swamiji, "You go everywhere, why not have a look at me?" Swamiji awoke and asked Deo, who he was. Deo Said, "He is Swami Samarth of Akkalkot. He wishes you to come to his place and write a poem on him." Swamiji said, "This tongue is given to Lord Datta. On his advice and information, some lines may be composed."

    At Pandharpur, Swamiji said, "I am going to Akkalkot." Shri Datta told him to go to Gangapur from Akkalot. At Gangapur, he should take darshan of Paduka and observe silence for 3 days.

    Akkalkot and Gangapur

    Swamiji came to Akkalkot, took darshan of Swami Samarth and proceeded to Gangapur. He took Darshan of Paduka but he had no darshan in person. He went to Papvinashi Teerth and stayed there for 3 days. He was asked to go to Sangam for Darshan. At sangam Swamiji asked, "You had declared that you will not leave the Math of Gangapur, then how you are here?" Lord Datta replied, "As behaviour of the priests is not good, I am living here."

    A brahmin devotee, Tukaram, was serving Lord Datta taking only fruits for 3 years. In order to give him darshan in the from of Swami Maharaj, Swamiji was asked to go to Gangapur, Swamiji . Composed an ashtak of 8 stanzas for Tukaram.

    Krishna Lahari

    At Vadi, priests had requested Swami Maharaj to write a stotra 'Krishna Lahari' in the style of 'Ganga Lahari' for their recitation.

    While going to Gangapur, Krishna mai gave darshan to Swamiji and asked him to compose 'Krishna-Lahari' containing 61 shlokas. Swamiji composed this stotra at Gangapur in a short-time.
    From Gangapur, he proceeded to Humanabad and thence to Gangakhed. He stayed there for Dashahar on the bank of Godavari. He had taken Sanyasa here after death of his wife, Annapurnabai. He then started for Karanja. On the way he took darshan at Parali Vaijanath and then went to Mahur. He took darshan of Shri Dattatraya and Renukamata. Then went to Ondha Nagnath. He then came to Hingoli and stayed for a night. Next day he started westword and reached Narsi in jestha Vadya. He was travelling even in rains.
    CHATURMAS - 15 Shak 1827 (1905 A. D.) Narsi Swami Maharaj stopped at Sitaram Bhatji Ashtekar, who had Audumber and Ashwatha trees at his door. Sitaram bhat lived on Gangatat; but for some reason he had come to Narsi. Kayadhu river was flooded. He stayed in Rammandir.

    Here people were not acquainted with Swamiji's mystic powers. But later people began to come in large numbers for his Puran. His seat being in a narrow place, all persons could not go to him for prasad. So he sat outside the Mandir also in another from. When persons came out from inside, they wondered to see Swami Maharaj sitting outside also.

    Swami Maharaj went for bath on the river. Many local persons accompanied him and took bath on the lower side of the river. After morning rites, he would teach Panch-Dashi ,Brahma-Karma, Bhagwat to different persons. At Narsi, Swami Maharaj composed "Datta Champu". He also gave medicines and mantras and cured many persons.

    Chunilal Marvadi suffered from a severe headache. He had tried several medicines, but he had no relief. He approached Swami Maharaj and prayed for means of relief. Swami Maharaj said, "I am neither a Vaidya nor a Sadhu." But he did not leave Swamiji's company. At last one day Swamiji said to him, "Look at this tree-Take its skin, rub it in woman's milk and apply the paste on your head." Chunilal tried this and the same night half the pain was diminished. After some days' treatment, he had complete cure.

    Vishwanath Joshi was a candidate in court. He wished to have Swamiji's mantra updesh. But Swamiji soon left Narsi. He had the updesh at Pawani later, He wished to appear for Pleader's examina¬tion. For success, he observed two Gurucharitra's weekly parayanas at Basar. But he did not see any dream, hence he was dejected. The same night, Swamiji came in his dream and said, "Jf you try, then what is not possible?" He appeared in the examination but failed. He narrated this to Swamiji, when he was at Kurugaddi, and asked "How did your words not prove true? I won't appear in the examina tion now." Swamiji said, "Don't be foolish. Pay the fees at Hydera¬bad and appear in the examination." He was not keeping good health, besides he was with jswami Maharaj at Rajur and other places, due to which he could not get sufficient time for study. Still reciting Swamiji's name he appeared in the examination and passed successfully. He practised at Hingoli.

    A woman has Divine Darshan

    Once Swami Maharaj went to the river alone at midday. A woman also had been there to fetch water. Swami Maharaj was sitting under a tree and a six month's charming child was on his laps sucking his left hand thumb and looking at Swami Maharaj. The woman saw this scene and forgot her work of fetching water.

    After some time, when Swamiji looked upwards he saw the woman. The child disappeared suddenly. The woman lost her senses. Swami¬ji came to her, put some water in her mouth. When she opened her her eyes he said, "You are very fortunate, but do not tell this to anybody."

    Namasaptaha for Averting Plague

    Plague had started in the neighbouring area of Vadi. To avoid its attack on Vadi, people thought of doing some Anushthan and requested Narsimha Saraswati to suggest some. He asked people to recite 'Digambara Digambara Shripad Vallabha Digambara'' in the Brahmanand Math. Photo and Paduka of Swami Maharaj were placed there and recitation week was started. Swami Maharaj was informed of this and he also gave his consent and blessings. Plague did not attack Vadi. The recitation was however to be conti¬nued till the arrival of Swami Maharaj to Vadi. Swamiji expressed that, after seeing Ganga, his feet would return.

    Murti fell from Palakhi

    Once when Palakhi was in rounds, the murti came down at the hands of Gundu Khombare. This was a sign of some impending danger. Gundu Khombare and others came to see Swamiji at Narsi. When Swamiji knew this, he asked Shri Datta the reason of coming down. Shri Datta said angrily "The priests are not following the rules made by you, on the contrary they are abusing you. They put impure things on Paduka. Make a Trust and arrange puja by others. The behaviour of priests is not changed and putting of dirty things is continued. I am tired of this place, so they should be puni¬shed."

    Swami Maharaj told this to the priests and said "If you do not improve, the consequenses will be dangerous. Improve your behaviour and serve God. Beg his pardon and pray him with 'Karuna Tripadi' (Three Padas composed by Swamiji) daily. He is kind as parents. So he humble before him again and again." Since then 'Karuna Tripadi' is sung at Vadi before Palakhi,daily.

    Departure from Narsi

    Two months passed at Narsi delightfully. He was asked to depart from this place and knowing this, the people were very sorry. On Bhadrapad Shuddha 14, Swami Maharaj told in Purana that he would have Kshour (taking of hair on head) tomorrow and start from there. Mahadeo Barber heard this and he wished to have the opportunity of doing this service to Swamiji. Swamiji gave his consent. After Kshour, people asked the barber to take out thorns from Swamiji's feet. After washing the feet he took out 20 thorns.
    Swamiji took bath, tied Parashu Mudra to Dand. This showed his resolution to leave Narsi. People requested him to stay 2 days more as they wanted to do Samaradhana in completion of Chatur-mas.

    Swamiji said, "Do what you like to do in the name of God." However he agreed to stay. On purnima Swamiji started for simo-llanghan (crossing a limit of a town) in procession with music. The path was decorated by sprinking water and with rangoli designs. At many houses araties were waved around his face. Swamiji sat under a Shami tree and read 11th chapter of Geeta, did arati and distributed prasad and returned to his place in the town. Next day after mor¬ning rituals, he started saying 'Shri Guru Deo Datta' from the house of Sitaram Bhatji. 300, to 400 persons accompanied him with musi¬cal instruments for about 2 miles. People of another town also came in procession from opposite direction, to receive Swami Maharaj, who asked the persons of Narsi to return, as it was his ritual time and he came to a river for bath.

    Kulkarni of an adjacent village fell straight before Swamiji and requested him, "As you have lived in Narsi for 2 months, please stay for a day in my village Gotegaon and give prasad to all." He requested Narsi People also to stay for prasad. Swamiji agreed and lived in a mandir at Gotegaon. Chunilal placed his head on Swamiji's feet. Others took opportunity to touch his feet. Swamiji had to stand for 2 hours.

    Basim, Karanja, Amraoti, Multapi

    Swami Maharaj reached Basim after 3 days. He stayed in Karuneshwar Mandir. Sakharam Deshpande's son was suffering from some disease, which could not be controlled by Doctor's and Vaidya's Medicines. Swamiji cured him. Dhangre Pleader's father was serious. He was given a chanted 'Tait' to keep in the neck. He also gradually recovered.

    On the third day he left Basim and came to Karanja, the birth place of Shri Narsinha Saraswati (Shri Datta incarnation in the 14 the centuary). Here Swamiji stayed in a Hanuman Mandir. Here the priest after offering the Naivedya used to eat it himself. In the presence of Swamiji the priest did not eat the Naivedya. When Swamiji was in Meditation, Hanuman appeared before him with open mouth showing that he was hungry. Swamiji told this to the priest, who then ate the Navedya. Swamiji said. "God is fond of devotion. Do as you have been doing. You need not change the rule of your pooja for anyone."

    From here Swami Maharaj went to Amraoti took darshan of Jagadamba. proceeded further and reached Multapi. He stayed here in Datta Mandir for about a month, as his dysentary trouble had increased due to walking on high ghats. After Diwali he went to Chitrakot on Payaswini-Mandakini sangam and thence came to Hoshangabad. He stayed here in Datta Mandir and due to request of people read Puran.

    He thence went to Sanchi and after some days to Bhelsa. Here there were many disciples of Swami Maharaj. Datta Jayanti was celebrated here. A shastri read Sanskrit Gurucharitra in the mor¬ning and Swamiji explained its meaning in vernacular in the after¬noon. After festival Swamiji was asked to depart on the same day.

    Slap on Cheek

    People had arranged to feed 100 persons on the next day and requested Swamiji to stay for the day, else all the material would be thrown in the river. Swamiji went to nearby place and returned the next day for Sangata. When Swamiji was in meditation he had a strong slap on his cheek due to which his ear and eye were swollen. This was the punishment for not obeying Shri Datta's adesh (order) fully. Swamiji said "I did so not for myself but for the satisfaction of the Brahmans and if you do not approve of this, the other ear and eye should also be hurt." Shri Datta smilled and the swelling subsided.
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