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  • (From Free India India -March 1974)

    [We here reproduce the report of the special function at the Divine life society on 16-3-1974 in which H. H. Swami Kesavai-ahji of Shri Sai Baba Bhakta Samajam of Madras gave a speech. Our readers will like to read the thoughts of Swami Kesavaiahji about Shri Sai Baba and his message. — Editor ]

    His Holiness Swami Kesavaiahji, the Founder-President of Shri Sai Baba Bhakta Samajam (Regd.), Shenoynager, Madras, at the request of the Divine Life Society visited Gudur on March 16.
    There was a public meeting in the evening at the Andhra Mahila Mandali premises. Swamiji was received at the entrance by the mem¬bers of Mahila Mandali. The unique feature was that members of the Mahila Mandali, the Rotary Club, the Lions Club and Samskriti Sammelanam also participated in the function organised under auspices of the Divine Life Society.

    Shri K. Obayya, I.A.S. Nellore District Collector, presided. At the outset, Sri C. V. Kishnaiah, a local mica magnate, and president of the Divine Life Society welcomed the enlightened gathering of male and female devotees numbering more than 2000, including many officials, (I.A.S. &I.R.S.) and non-officials like Doctors and Lawyers.

    Devotees also came from places far and near like Podalakur, Rapur, Vakadu, Venkatagiri, Nayudupeta, Sullurpeta, Nellore, Tirupati, Chittoor, Madras, Anandapur and other places to hear Swamiji and receive his blessings.


    The Secretary of the Divine Life Society reported the objects and traced the origin and growth of the Society at Gudur. On behalf of the Divine Life Society Guru Puja was done to Swamiji by Mrs. C. V. Krishnaiah and Swamiji was also honoured with ponnadai and new clothes. A welcome address in Telugu was presented by the Divine Life Society to Swamiji which was read by the Secretary Sri C. V. Seshaiah.
    Shri K. Obayya in his presidential remarks observed that he deemed it a great privilege conferred on him to preside over this sacred function, to have darshan and blessings of Swamiji and to meet so many devotees here. He reminded the people of our great spiritual heritage and called upon them to practise in their daily lives the noble truths and principles laid down by our sages and saints. He stressed the need for a balanced life bringing harmony between materialistic, moral and spiritual life of man.


    Swamiji then addressed the audience and kept them spellbound for over an hour narrating the various anecdotes in the life of Sri Sai Baba and puranas and explained the noble truths in simple language and illumined the hearts of ervey one that attended. To the lead given by Sawmiji all repeated 'Sairam' for a few minutes.

    Swamiji observed that it was not easy to understand the leelas of Sri Sai Baba "He is not a miracle monger. The assurance and categorical declaration that he would take care of his devotees who surrender to him shows that he is just like Lord Krishna. The truly faithful, who are ardent enough, can see him even to-day in his living form . Mere repetition of his name with faith and singular devotion will do to realise Him. Baba's message is that one should love and serve Him in all forms and names. Baba was able to awaken and attract the residents of Shirdi at first by making the lamps in Dwarka-mai burn with water, when local merchants refused to give him oil.


    Once a famous lawyer M. W. Pradhan who came to Shirdi wanted to return to Bombay but there was heavy rain at Shirdi and it was difficult for him to go to Kopergaon in the rain and catch the train. He prayed to Baba. As it is said in the 19th verse of 9th Chapter of Bhagwadgeetha, God alone can give rain or withhold it. Baba, his God came out of Dwarakamai and addressed the rain in a loud and thunderous voice. "Stop, Stop your fury and be calm." Rain subsided and he went to Kopergaon easily caught the train, attended the court in time and won his case.

    He said that nobody could escape fate (Karma). Sri Rama had to give up his all and live in exile in forests. Similarly Pandavas had to live in forests despite the fact that Lord Krishna was there at every stage. It was essential that one should do good now to reap spiritual benefits later.


    Once Bhimji Patil, who was suffering from a dreadful disease, was brought to Shirdi and placed before Baba. Baba pointed out that the disease was due to the previous evil karma and was not at first disposed to interfere. But the patient cried out in despair, sought refuge in him as he was his last hope and prayed for mercy. Then Baba's heart melted and said, 'Stay ,cast off your anxiety your suffer¬ings have come to an end. However oppressed and troubled one may be, as soon as he steps into the Masjid, he is on the pathway to happi¬ness". Baba cured him by two dreams. In the first dream Bhimji Patil suffered flogging for not reciting a poem in the school, and in the second dream suffered pain and torture by rolling a stone up and down over his chest.


    Once Dr. Pillai, an ardent devotee of Baba, not able to bear the pain of guinea worms sent word to Baba that the pain was unberable and transfer the working of his past Karma to 10 future births of his. Baba sent word: "Tell him to be fearless. In ten days he can wear out the suffering and consequences of his past karma. Bring him here on somebody's back." Dr. Pillai was brought to the Masjid. Baba said: "Now a crow will come and peck at you and then you will recover." After some time one devotee Abdul, who was working there turned up and his foot accidentally fell on the wound, pre¬ssed it and worms were squeezed. The pain was unbearable and Dr. Pillai bawled out. He asked Baba when the crow will come? Baba said Abdul was the crow "Go and rest. You will be all-right soon". Without any treatment or medicine the disease was completely cured in ten days as told by Baba. Thus Baba inter¬vened in the Karma of individual and rubbed it out.

    Swamiji observed that God will protect the devotees leading a righteous life. So long as there is Justice, God will protect us and mentioned how with the two weapons of truth and non-violence and with faith in Ramnam and Geeta in hand Gandhiji got independence to the country, which is a victory of his spiritual force against the brutal force of the British.

    Swamiji narrated how he suffered while he was working as a Sub-Registrar, prior to 1939, though he was honest and earned 6 Red entries as a recognition for his hard work, character and integrity at the hands of some unscruplous people.

    He further explained the ecstatic experience he had at Palani before Subramanya Swami few months prior to the vision and Grace of Sri Sai Baba he had on 1-2-1939. He said that by Baba's grace he became his humble devotee. He has visited Shirdi 73 times. Even if he takes 128 births more he cannot become Sai Baba. Swamiji was very kind to the poor from the beginning of his service. Perhaps his kind¬ness, his truthfulness, and purity of character and integrity that has drawn Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi to him while he was working at Dharmavaram, in Anantapur District.


    Swamiji observed that the firm faith in God was the secret of the power of child Prahalad who neither feared nor met with death when he was subjected to every unimaginable torture. Baba often used to say that once a person had faith in God he had achieved everything. There is nothing greater than faith. Sri Rama who was God himself had to build bridge to cross the sea to Lanka, but Hanu-man who had immense faith in Rama cleared the sea in one jump. Draupadi by her devotion to Krisnna and on account of her sacrifice once by sparing the end of her saree to a rishi, who lost his loin cloth in the river, was saved when Kauravas attempted to strip her of her clothings. Loyalty and devotion of Arjuna made Krishna even to break his promise in the battlefield and went to kill Bhisma who was inflicting injuries on his devotee Arjuna, just to save him.

    Sai Baba never asked us to worship him alone. On the other hand, Sri Baba asked the devotees not to change their religion or their Guru and not to neglect their worship of Ishta Devatha.


    He enjoined the devotees to do good as that alone accompanied one to the end. "Do not make promises. If made, fulfil the promises at any cost." Sai Baba sacrificed his life for the well being of his devotees.
    Once Mr. Khaparde, the well known barrister, while he was at Shirdi, was in trouble and the British Government wanted to arrest him. Baba was restless till the warrant issued against his devotee was withdrawn.

    Speaking about Maya, Swamiji related the incident from Mahabharata. The venerable Bhisma while lying on the bed of arrows in the battlefield; was shedding tears. Arjuna could not understand the reason and asked Krishna whether the great Bhishma was shedd¬ing tears because he was going to die soon. Bhishma was a great devotee, a mighty warrior who sacrificed his life for the sake of his father, one of the Ashtavasus and to whom the death can come only at his will. Krishna suggested Arjuna to ask Bhisma himself. When questioned ,Bhishma said that though Krishna, the Lord of the Universe, was a friend, Philosopher and giude to the mighty Pandavas who are adherent to truth, and though Lord was there always helping them at every stage there was no end to their misery. This power of Maya he could not understand and was shedding tears, he said.


    Once Mrs. Khaparde went to Baba and in a trembling tone told him that her dear young son was down with plague. Baba spoke to her kindly saying that the sky was beset with clouds but they would melt away and every thing would be calm. So saying he lifted up his Kurta upto the waist and showed to all present four fully developed buboes and said: "See, now I have to suffer for the sake of my de¬votees, their difficulties are mine.'"

    One day Baba pushed his arm into the burning Dhuni and his own arm was burnt. Devotees dragged him forcibily and asked "Deva for what purpose have you done this." Baba said, the wife of a Black¬smith at some place was working on the bellows of a furnace. Her husband called her. Forgetting the child on her lap she ran hastily and the child slipped into the furnace. "I thrust my hand into the furnace and saved the child . I am glad that life of the child is saved."

    There is no need to be away from one's family or to go into the forests or to study the Puranas or Vedas or live like a saint to under¬stand God and to attain salvation .Baba said that by reading books one gets Bhrama and not Brahman one must perform one's duty sincerely taking truth as beacon. No salvation unless one firmly be¬lieves in the existence of God and had implicit faith in the mercy of God. Swamiji narrated how he was saved by Sri Sai Baba from the clutches of death in April 1949, and that there was a rumour that Swamiji was dead but after three days Swamiji recovered. He grate¬fully remembered the names of the doctors who attended on him during his sickness.


    Swamiji advised that just as a cod fish lived in mud untouched by it so also we should live in the samsara untouched by it. Just as we clean the body with so many varieties of soaps if we clean our mind and weep for the vision of God. we can see him even to-day in his living from .God's grace could not be purchased. It has to be earned by true devotion and dedicated service.

    Once Swami Vivekananda was travelling in a train and there was a Marvadi sitting in the same compartment. The Marvadi had many things to eat and went on eating and saving at the same time, "I have earned and I am eating. You are a Sanyasi, what can you eat." Sri Rama appeared in a dream to a gentleman at aplace and said that a certain Sanyasin Swami was coming in the train and he should take food and water to him. Swami Vivekananda after getting down from the train was sitting on a gunny bag. The person came to Swami Vivekananda saying that Sri Rama appeared to him in a dream and asked him to bring these things to him for eating. The moral is, God helps his devotees in many strange ways. Sri Sai Baba said: "I will help those who believe in me. I will not let them down."

    Swamiji stressed the efficacy of God's name. Repetition of Lord's name with faith requires no paraphernalia and no restrictions. It is so easy and so effective.


    Once Narada thought that there was no other greater devotee than himself. Lord sent him to a village where one Ramanna a humble devotee of his was living. Narada found him to be an agriculturist, who rose in the morning, uttered the name of Lord krishna once and went out with a plough and tilled the ground all day . At night he went to bed after uttering Krishna once more. Narada went back and told Lord of Ramanna. Then Lord asked Narada to take a cupful of oil in his hands and go round the city. But asked him to be careful that a single drop of oil does not spill.Narada did as told and returned to the Lord. Lord asked him how many times did he think of him in the course of the walk round the city. "Not once", Narada said as he had to watch his cup brimming over with oil. Lord then told Narada that one cup of oil could divert his attention from Him altogether but the rustic, though carrying the heavy burden of a family still remembered Him twice a day.


    Swamiji said that one should have faith of a child in the mother. Implicit faith in the mercy of God is required. Once a boy frightened to walk alone to the school through the woods told his mother of his fear. She told him not to be afraid and call his elder brother, Krishna,when in fear. When he felt afraid again, he cried out 'Krishna' and began to weep God could no longer stay away. Krishna appeared and took the boy out of the woods. One day there was a ceremony in the house of his Guru. Every student took some valuable present.

    This boy asked his mother for a present. She suggested the boy to request his brother Krishna. As usual the boy cried out to Krishna and when Krishna appeared,  requested him to give him present. Krishna gave him a small pot of Curd. This the boy took and gave it to his Guru. After receiving valuable presents from others he took the curd pot from this boy. It was a miracle. He could not empty the curd. The more he poured more the curd was there in the pot. Guru questioned the boy where he could secure such a curd pot. He wentalong with the boy into the woods to see the boy's elder brother Krishna. The boy cried out to Krishna. Krishna did not turn up. They heard his voice. He could not reveal himself as the boy's Guru had no such faith in Him.


    Swamiji explained the significance of charity. One should do charity to the needy and deserving but within one's own just means. Let it be a small part of his earnings. Charity should be given with faith, Love, Modesty and Sympathy. Charity made insolently and without faith can bear no fruit. In order to teach the devotees the lesson of charity, to remove their attachment to money and then to purify their minds, Baba extracted Dakshina from them. As Baba said the peculiarity was that he had to give them ten times more of what he received. Baba used to distribute entire amount received to the poor and the next morning he would be a poor fakir as usual.

    We spend lavishly on our friends and relatives. They abuse us for not spending something more behind our back. But when a beggar approaches us we scold and drive him away. This is not correct. Give if you can. Otherwise do not be harsh. Tell them politely that you are unable to help. Do not borrow to give in charity. Better not to give than to borrow and give.


    Swamiji narrated many other stories quoting from Sai Satcha-ritra and his own experience and devotees' experiences at Sai Nilayam at Shenoynagar, which speaks of Baba's greatmess. Swamiji pointed out that if anyone was benefied by him, it was all due to Sai Baba's grace. Once Swamiji told a devotee, who was sick, to give a dhoti in charity if anyone approached him. Baba wanted to rub out his Karma by making him to give a charity of Dhoti. That devotee purchased a Dhoti and took it home. But actually he forgot to give it when a beggar approached him. That devotee died.

    Once a devotee who was corrupt was trapped. He approached Swamiji for Baba's Grace at Sai Nilayam. At last Baba saved him. Someone asked Swamiji: "Will Baba save a corrupt officer?" Swa¬miji told him that, Baba will see whether that devotee has done any good in this janma or in any of his previous births, and helps him if he had any merits to his credit.

    Once a lady who was mentally ill was brought before Swamiji. He applied Udhi to her forehead and told her that a vow made to the Lord Venkataramana was not fulfilled and hence the trouble. After she went to Tirupati and cleared her vow, she was all right.


    Swamiji narrated how Baba went at times to the devotees in the form of a dog or an old man and tested their devotion. Baba taught the devotees not to talk ill of any, not to be jealous of others, never to be lazy or inactive and always be contented and think of God. Baba wanted everyone to do his duty, respect parents and elders, live a disciplined life of truth and honesty Swamiji. called upon the women to look after their childern from the very early stages in such a manner that they could be guided on the path of truth and righteousness. Also advised them to live with Bakthi without leaving Dharma and thus do good to themselves and the country. Heartfelt prayer with absolute faith in Him is enough. Even for two minutes in twentyfour hours, if a man could pray sincerely and earnestly he is sure to secure His grace. God will be far away from untruth. The ill-gotten money will be spent away on sickness etc. Baba will remove Karma- of any however strong it may be. Swamiji wished the Divine Life Society to grow from strength to strength and serve the devotees.

    Dr. C. R. K. Reddy proposed a vote of thanks. Baba's Udhi got from Shirdi and touched by Swamiji was distributed to all along with prasadam.

    At the request of Sri Kakani Chandra Sekhara Reddy, Swamiji stayed at his house at Gudur on Mar 16 and 17. On Mar .16. on the way to Gudur, at Nayudupeta members of Divine Life Society, Nayudupeta Branch and serveral other devotees met Swamiji and received Udhi and Sri Sai Baba's blessings. Throughout his stay at Gudur in Mr. Reddy's house there was perennial flow of devotees, whom Swamiji received individually and gave them words of comfort, guidance and blessings of Sri Sai Baba with Udhi and prasadam.

    —Sent by Shri Sai Baba Bhakta Samajam. Madras-30.
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