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Author Topic: Meaning of Datta Shodaaksharee Mantra  (Read 1044 times)

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Meaning of Datta Shodaaksharee Mantra
« on: November 11, 2016, 11:48:13 AM »
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  • A devotee named Shri C B K Murthy asked Shri Datta Swami to give the meaning of the mantra of Datta Shodaaksharee (containing sixteen letters, which is ‘Aum Iym Krom Klim Klum Hraam Hreem Hruum Sauh Dattaatreyaaya Namah’).

    A. You have asked Me to explain the meaning of this mantra (a statement in praise of God that attracts the mind) of Datta having sixteen letters out of which nine letters are called as Beeja aksharas. A Beeja Akshara is just a symbolic letter representing some item or concept and nothing else. Ignorant people attach unnecessary importance to Beeja aksharas thinking that chanting a specific Beeja akshara gives a specific miraculous power, which is the climax of ignorance!

    There are nine Beeja aksharas in this mantra, representing the nine executing powers of divine administration called as planets. Aum = Sun in heart, Iym = Moon in conch shell, Krom = Mars in wheel, Kleem = Mercury in Damaruka or musical instrument as tiny drum, Kluum = Jupiter in Kamandalu or tiny vessel of water, Hraam =Venus in the garland beads, Hreem = Saturn in Trishula weapon, Hruum = Ketu in the left foot, Sauh = Rahu in the right foot, Dattaatreyaaya namah = Salutation to Dattatreya.

    Mantra means a statement, the meaning of which attracts your mind to remember the statement again and again. Such repetition is called as chanting or Japa. Mere recitation of a statement or Beeja Akshara without the knowledge and attraction to the concept is totally foolish and blind tradition of a chain of ignorant people! Mantra (mananaat trayate) itself means that the statement is memorized again and again due to the mental attraction towards its meaning.

    A Beeja akshra is a just symbolic letter representing an entity like E representing energy, M representing mass, C representing velocity of light etc. The yantra also contains the plan designs drawn as line diagrams indicating the relationships between these entities represented by Beeja aksharas like the diagrams of machine drawings in science. Ignorant people don’t take the knowledge of spiritual concepts conveyed by these diagrams and worship them as if these are the sources of miraculous powers. Miraculous power means only unimaginable event, the source of which is the unimaginable God only, who is always mediated by this energetic form called Datta or Eshwara or Father of heaven.

    Source - Datta Vedam -


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