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Author Topic: NONE BESIDE ME SAI BABA I HAVE THEE  (Read 3146 times)

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« on: February 19, 2007, 08:59:18 AM »
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  • Thou has given me eyes, that I may see
    All beauteous splendour created and governed by thee.
    That I may look at every sea, brook and tear
    Hoping that these stupendous and small may draw me near.
    Nearer yet nearer to you Sai; my Creator, my Maker
    Thou blest me thus, so I mayn't be a forsaker -
    To Thee; my Lord, my King, my life,
    Oh! that I may live, to see, Thee in all and thrive
    having none beside me Sai Baba I have Thee.
    Thou has given me hands, so that I may labour.
    For Thee; never for feeble praise or greed or favour;
    Oh that I may make coarse mine hands, with toil –
    For Thee and find beauty even in the barren soil.
    And for Thy love; I may when need arises and cries -
    Wipe another's tear and make him see Thou never denies
    So make him reason with a clearer mind,
    That Thou are the purpose of life;
    the blissful Divine For having none beside me, Sai Baba, I have Thee.
    Thou has given me a mind that, I may reason,
    and see the aim of each day, month and season.
    The mind, which may if wholly good and pure
    Seeing Thy Love; pain and suffering endure.
    And doing so may with more certainty see,
    That here I stand. Thou caused me to be
    Oh were it not, my Sai Baba for Thine wonderful ways
    I would never have existed here, nor breathed this day
    Having none beside me Sai Baba I have Thee.
    Thou had given me a heart, that I may love,
    All that surrounds me and in doing this love Thee
    That my tender heart may overflow unperplexed and free, i
    Flow with adoration, devotion and love for Thee.
    Oh that it may outline, the sinister Death's knock when Life's done
    And see the Ringdom of Glory, when from earth's door I return.
    May love be perpetually burning or none can cause its light -
    To fickle, dim, perish die or take flight
    Having none beside me, Sai Baba, I have Thee.
    Had I none of these gifts but just one -
    To be thine worshipper, Thine ardent slave alone
    so taking away all these, give me but a soul.
    A soul-unstained, righteous, white. Oh! give me this,
    such that it may take its path, the path of light and bliss.
    Like the restless waves which clasp and meet,
    Like a young rider sure of his steed
    Like a faithful hou«d returning home without doubts
    Like the high mountain embracing the clouds
    Like the silvery lines of streams meeting the river duly
    Like the bird returning to its nest so freely
    Like the earnest river gushing forth to mingle with the   ocean
    May my soul too meet Thee Sai and thee abide in true devotion
    Just as thee aim, so rightly and find so true.
    Show me a way Sai Maharaj
    Lest I may lose my path or go astray
    And at life's end find Thy doors shut; Nay!
    Best I should be but a puppet with broken strings
    Which is useless without purpose or means
    Having none beside me Sai Baba, I have Thee.
    Give me soul, possessing which, I may at life's end find -The paradise of Eternal Bliss and remain to be only Thine For having none beside me Sai Baba, I have always Thee.
    Zarine Adi Sahukar
    Zarine is the beloved daughter of Brig. Adi K. Sahukar (retd) who has now settled at Jaykay nagar in West Bengal. Miss Zarine was a very good devotee of Shri Sai Baba and it was His will that she had to pass away into heavenly abode on 22 December 1970 at a young age of 22 - Editor.
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