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Author Topic: Are You Doing the Good Part?  (Read 398 times)

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Are You Doing the Good Part?
« on: March 18, 2007, 10:45:48 AM »
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  • In (Luke 10:38-42) we're told of how two sisters,Martha and Mary, acted when Jesus was with them. Martha was busy serving all of the food while Marysat at the feet of Jesus.

    Martha showed how upset she was at her sister.She basically asked Jesus to tell Mary to get up andhelp her instead of just sitting there.

    Jesus told her that she was careful and troubled aboutmany things but only one part was needed and Maryhad chosen that good part.

    MarthaHow does this affect you? Which one of the sistersare you acting like? Are you acting like Martha didin her hurried work for the Master?

    Sometimes we can be too busy to even listen to God.It's really sad but even if you're doing the work in achurch for the Lord, you might miss the mostimportant part...

    The thing is that Martha did the work but her mindwas not where it should have been. She wastroubled. She was disturbed.

    She was stressing and thinking about how muchwork she was doing -which was more than someoneelse! She was getting more and more frustrated andupset while she was working...

    She wasn't really listening to what Jesus was sayingeven though she was serving Him food!

    Try it!Talk to someone and while you're talking to them,have them tell you something. How much did youunderstand them? Did you understand what theysaid at all?

    When you're talking to someone it's rather difficult tohear them if they start talking to you!

    It's possible sometimes to catch part of it -but ifdoing it in an everyday, normal way it's even moredifficult than during a short test!

    PrayerYes, we ask God for a whole lot of things. Hepromised us a whole lot.

    It's a good thing to pray a lot. We're told in1Thessalonians 5:17 to pray without ceasing.

    That's praying continually. ...But we need to alwaysremember that prayer is a two-way conversation!

    When you ask Father God for something, always listen for His response!

    MaryMary sat and listened to what Jesus said. She wasn'tbusy making sure that good food was on the table.She wasn't mulling over hurts or building up grudgesin unforgiveness.

    Mary wasn't talking the whole time while hopingJesus would yell so that she could hear Him!

    Mary sat and listened to what Jesus was saying sothat she didn't miss it and could live the way thatHe was saying...

    Have a time with the Lord so that you can know Himmore and more! We spend time with other people sothat we can get to know each other. How much moreimportant is it that we spend time with God!

    How are we really going to get to know Him if wedon't?

    Read the inspired Word of God. Everything in theBible accurately tells of Him and what He'll do foryou.

    Don't miss out the better part! Spend time with Godand His Word everyday!

    Feel free to distribute this article if it is kept as is,in tact (with no parts cut out or inserted into itincluding the Resource Box at the bottom.)Notification is not required but I would appreciateit. Please contact the author prior to use in printedmedia.

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