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Author Topic: Selfishness vs. Self-awareness  (Read 662 times)

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Selfishness vs. Self-awareness
« on: January 05, 2017, 11:38:56 AM »
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  • Selfishness is different from self-awareness. Self-awareness refers to the knowledge of the reality of yourself and other selves in creation. If you're aware that you're not God and that you're only a self created by God, this is self-awareness. Selfishness means your attraction to yourself and other selves.

    Generally, it's assumed that if you're attracted to yourself and only a few other selves, then it's being selfish. It's also thought that if you are attracted to all the selves in this world, it's not selfishness. This point may be correct in a confined view. But, from a deeper and broader perspective, this is not correct.

    Whether you're attracted to yourself or a few other selves or all the selves in the creation, it's selfishness only. If you're attracted to God, only then can you say that you're not being selfish.

    If you rise above yourself and a few selves and get attracted to all the selves in the creation, you'll only attain temporary heaven. You'll reach the permanent abode of God only if you become detached from all the other selves in the world and become singularly attracted to God.

    Therefore, in the attraction to God, there is no attraction to any other self (including yourself) apart from God. Hence, selfishness disappears totally in the true devotion to God.

    But, you must have the self-awareness during the devotion to God. If self-awareness is absent, there's a danger that you may think that you are God.

    Earning one's livelihood comes under self-awareness and not selfishness. Without livelihood, the self disappears; one must maintain the self to have at least self-awareness.

    Source - (pg. no. 124)


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