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Author Topic: Spend your energy wisely  (Read 1576 times)

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Spend your energy wisely
« on: February 28, 2017, 11:21:47 AM »
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  • In the night, when you are in deep sleep, you can’t worship God and at the same time there is no contact with the world also. In this rest time, the nervous energy is conserved and nervous system also takes rest to become fresh and efficient.

    There is a water tank with several small taps here and there along with a main tap in front. All the taps are closed and tank is filled with water. This is the deep sleep. When you awake in the morning, you open the main tap only (worship of God) while closing all other small taps (while controlling the other worldly channels of expenditure of energy), the stream through the main tap is thick and powerful (worship of God is concentrated).

    After the morning, during the further time of day, the other taps are also opened (spending mind in the worldly affairs), the main tap is closed by you (worship is completely stopped) or very thin stream of water comes through the main tap (worship is continued without concentration).

    If you have the worldly responsibilities to be fulfilled, your activity should be

    1) To spend energy for responsibilities,

    2) You must take the stipulated rest and

    3) Worship God.

    Worship should not be confined to mere theoretical devotion like recitation of prayers, singing songs etc., but, should be mainly to arrive at right conclusions through spiritual knowledge and to do practical devotion like sacrifice and service with pure theoretical devotion in heart. If people extend the name ‘responsibility’ to unnecessary activities for unnecessary souls also and waste the entire time and energy, such people have cheated themselves only!

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