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Author Topic: Tapas (penance) is Shraddhaa (interest)  (Read 540 times)

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Tapas (penance) is Shraddhaa (interest)
« on: October 01, 2016, 01:44:35 PM »
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  • What is spiritual penance? As per the impression created by cinemas, penance means sitting alone on a stone in the forest, closing eyes and chanting the name of God repeatedly for years together without food and water! This is totally a wrong concept of the meaning of the word 'penance'.

    The Veda says that the word penance means intensive analysis involving the brain to the level of higher state of heat of thinking (Vijijnaasasva taddhi tapah taddhi tapah). A very sharp and deep analysis expressing lot of brain-heat due to discussions giving a picture of burning the self in the fire of knowledge is called as penance.

    Such penance or deep analysis brings out the ultimate reality of any concept established. Knowledge of such concluded concepts gives the correct picture of the whole spiritual field regarding God, soul and the path linking the two. Unless this total real picture is arrived, any further step regarding theoretical devotion or practical service makes you to lose your energy and earned materials only unnecessarily in the foolish path.

    Concepts of profit and loss are the two eyes in not only the materialistic plane but also the spiritual plane in the initial stage. As long as the deep knowledge does not remove your ignorance covering these two eyes, any step in theoretical and practical devotions will be certainly wrong step only.

    Penance is the root of clarification by which alone you can take any step. Hence, when it said that a certain soul did lot of penance in the previous births, it means only that the soul did lot of analysis in spiritual discussions so that the soul is in right direction. Therefore, such a soul is given more encouragement by blessing it with visions.

    Penance generates right knowledge. Right knowledge generates devotion in right path. Devotion in right path leads to correct practice by which the fruit is surely attained. Penance means the natural interest in the subject of spiritual knowledge by which alone the process up to fruit can perfectly proceed. Without penance, all the further steps become zero just like without hunger, eating, digesting, conversion of food into blood, energy to do activities etc., can’t take place. The alternative name of penance (Tapas) is interest (Shraddhaa).


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