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Author Topic: The concept of human incarnation of God is crucial in the spiritual path  (Read 3901 times)

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 To understand the need of human incarnation, first, you must understand the existence of human incarnation. If you do not believe that God becomes a human being, you are straightly negating the basic concept of human incarnation even in the case of Rama, Krishna, Sai Baba, Jesus etc.

If you accept that these are human incarnations, your basic question that how God becomes a human being is already explained since Krishna, a human being, is God. If you say that God can never become a human being (like Prophet Mohammed and Swami Dayananda opposed), this can be answered that there was a need of human incarnation for devotees and the omnipotent God has become human incarnation.

The needs are that devotees prayed the unimaginable God to be seen by their eyes and clear their doubts personally from God in spiritual knowledge.

The need is mainly the propagation of right spiritual knowledge, which always happens to be the need of the hour. The reason is that every time misinterpretations are generated and the right knowledge always disappears. There is a need to enlighten the right spiritual knowledge every time.

We honour Prophet Mohammed and Swami Dayananda also as the human incarnations of God. They objected to this concept in view of the real human incarnation being crucified by ignorant people and false human incarnations trying to exploit the innocent devotees respectively.

We submit real admiration to both these human forms of God because they sacrificed even their personal honour for the sake of protection of human incarnation and protection of devotees from exploitation respectively.

In the case of both these human incarnations, the negation of the concept of human incarnation is common, but their reasons were different. Mohammad negated the concept to save the human incarnation from further crucifixions. Swami Dayananda negated this concept to save the innocent devotees from the exploitation by false incarnations.

If you have seen a false human incarnation, you should not eradicate the very basic concept of human incarnation. If one student is caught copying, you should not eradicate the very basic concept of conducting examinations. You can take all cares regarding the exploitation of the true concept.

If the human incarnation and Godmen (real devotees) are removed, the entire spiritual field evaporates and nothing except atheism blended with materialism exists. You should use special boxes to catch the rats but not burn the house to destroy the rats!

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