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Author Topic: Come and take me Sai, I am done for this life.  (Read 124 times)

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Come and take me Sai, I am done for this life.
« on: January 11, 2021, 04:20:46 AM »
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  • You know why I am here Sai baba. I can't take this pain anymore. What is my fault, torn between my son and my husband. What should I do?  You know what kind of life  I am living here in Melbourne. No friends, no relatives, no family members baba, just alone with my son. Going crazy with depression. Just wanted my son to finish his studies from here Sai, why can't my husband see this. I also don't like living here. Want to come back as soon as possible. Why does he keep taunting me all the time? I can't take it. It's torture Sai. Just kill me Sai, I will be at peace. I am mentally exhausted, can't fight anymore. Just wanted to sleep forever. Like crazy I wait for his phone call, and when he calls, he is angry, nasty and says mean words. I try to keep a brave front in front of my son, but I am tired now. Can't live this dual life. Just finish it off, Baba. Either grant my husband some wisdom and knowledge or just relieve me from this pain, by taking away my life. I can't take this mental toture anymore.


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