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Author Topic: Om Sai Ram!  (Read 2273 times)

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Om Sai Ram!
« on: July 03, 2005, 11:34:43 AM »
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  • Om Sai Ram!
    Oh Shirdi Sai Baba,
    There's only one You
    You're the one who seems to know just how to find a rainbow
    behind every cloud,
    the one who knows when to offer advice and when to just listen.
    I love You so much Shirdi Sai,
    You look with abundant love in Your eyes,
    You are fun, lighthearted, caring and sympathetic
    You are strength, courage and hope,
     whatever the situation calls for.
    Quiet simply,
    You are a sweet comfort, thrilling joy and
    a real blessing in disguise.
    I say it with a warm and happy smile on my face
    and a sense of gratitude for all You mean to me,
    I say it with appreciation and honesty and love
    when I say that You are my closest confidante.
    Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

    Sai baba let your holy lotus feet be our sole refuge.OMSAIRAM

    dipika duggal
    साईं बाबा अपने पवित्र चरणकमल ही हमारी एकमात्र शरण रहने दो.ॐ साईं राम

    Dipika Duggal


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