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Author Topic: PRAYER A DAY FOR MY SAI  (Read 1722 times)

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« on: September 08, 2010, 08:03:03 PM »
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  • A prayer a day, for my serene beautiful Sai
    Sent with true feelings -- sincerely to dear Sai,
    Prayer in the form of a poem, from my heart --
    A poem that sends my love like a feathery dart,
    This dart that touches the core of my Sai’s heart
    And brings mirthful smiles to His lips to part
    O’what a wonderful smiling face I do always see
    When I stare at my precious Sai, so deeply;

    All around supernatural Sai, His hallowed aural glow
    Causes my love towards Him to gush and flow,
    I want to fill my dear Sai, with ever ecstatic love
    Praise Him, trust Him, -- moreover and above,
    Lay all my shraddha, saburi, at His Holy Feet –
    O’Sai, how I do long to really emotionally meet
    You in person, face to face, and then humbly bow
    Offer my sincere, loving, pranams with a vow --
    Dear Lord, a vow of total shraddha, saburi eternal,
    O’Sai, it does seem to me so perfectly natural
    To have my mind completely tuned towards Thee
    Every precious moment – from now till perpetuity;

    Praise be always to You, oh my sweet Lord Saiji
    For all that You have given to me in bounty,
    Never do You ever let go of my helpless hands
    You always do safely guide me in these lands,
    What would I ever do in my life, without You
    Is an answer in my mind, that does so elude,
    Silently You have answered all my wrenching pleas
    In Your own time, yet always in the nick of time
    And helped me safely cross all across seven seas,
    Precious Sai, You truly help all Your devotees
    Whenever they send their prayers to Thee;
    Though they know not at that point of time
    How truly blessed their lives became sublime;

    May Your smiling eyes always shine on me
    Light my path, dispel darkness, and help me see
    Clearly all the truth that is there before me,
    For You are my supreme source of destiny
    Is what I do know for sure, and all that I see,
    Pray may You always lighten my heavy loads
    So that I may walk steadfastly along life’s roads,
    Always in Your august Royal Company
    Till time stands completely still in infinity
    Pray my Lord Sai, guide me in this cosmic sea
    For You are my supreme source of destiny;

    My thoughts and prayers today as always –
    A prayer in the form of a heartfelt poem
    May You accept my thanks to Thee, O’Sai
    Sincere thoughts filled with love in poems
    That are sent to Thee, gratefully each day
    Precious sweet Lord of mine, dearest Sai,
    May You forever stay deep in my heart
    Never to go away from me, or ways part,
    I do belong completely to Thee, Lord Sai
    From the time Your breath blew life into me
    And nourished my soul to reach human form,
    Words, expressions, feelings always do fail me
    To describe the marvelous things I see
    Manifold blessings, pure love given to me
    All that has gushed forth so heartily
    From Your warm and kindest generosity –
    O’precious Lord and supreme Saiji
    How can I ever truly completely thank Thee
    Is something so very hard for me;
    Pray that I may always remember Thee
    Now, tomorrow – every second till finally
    I become engulfed, saturated so fully
    In the purest love that flows from Thee
    And does instantly immerse me;
    For I do completely love You purely
    As much as my human heart can do
    To send all my deepest love to YOU.


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