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Author Topic: Sainath, You are my Sadguru my Maa Baap.  (Read 1057 times)

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Sainath, You are my Sadguru my Maa Baap.
« on: January 15, 2009, 02:26:14 AM »
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  • Upon this earth you descended,
    Many problems of people's suddenly ended,
    With your merciful blessings vanished people's sorrows,
    Your love and support sent their pains to the gallows.

    "Sai Baba" they lovingly named you.
    King of kings , you lived in Dwarkamai..
    Sai no money or wealth could interest you,
    Sainath, You are my Sadguru my Maa Baap.

    Devotee's faith is all that you craved,
    Which to you they lovingly gave,
    Lucky are those who lived with you,
    Fortunate enough to have served you.

    May be or not I was one of them then
    Not sure when I will get the chance again
    Dear Baba, I pray to you this day
    Please give me a chance to serve you someway.

    Keep you loving hands upon my head,
    Forgive my sins and anything wrong I said,
    Be by my side in times good and bad,
    Make me smile when I am sad.

    Oh my humble father, you are in air, land and water,
    Accept the prayers and love of your child.
    Shiridi Sai mere raksha karna.Haath pakad loe shaaran mein le lo.


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