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Author Topic: THE UNSEEN HAND OF SAI  (Read 948 times)

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« on: May 25, 2010, 09:10:29 AM »
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  • Tis the unseen Hand of Sai
    My Jairam Sai, Sai Ram
    That perchance
    Guides me along
    To pen a devotional song
    And then some more
    Again and again
    Not ever wanting to end
    For – my immense pleasure
    Lies in this holy treasure
    Filled with Jairam Sai, Sai Ram;
    That I may be blessed
    By the unseen Hand of Sai
    My Jairam Sai, Sai Ram
    Ever filling this pen
    With magical ink of prose
    Laced with aromatic rose
    The eternal symbol of love
    For my Jairam Sai, Sai Ram;
    That I may never ever stop
    To at all whine
    For any earthly possession,
    Save to have an obsession
    For the Only Cosmic Delight
    The coveted Holy Darshan
    Of my Jairam Sai, Sai Ram.

    In truth, lies my belief
    That without shred of doubt
    Will come someday, soon
    That most precious exalted moment
    When time shall stand completely still
    Filled with the sound of silence
    Sheer warmth spread all over
    Sweetest aroma in the air
    Of a pleasurable fragrance
    Dazzling lights of brilliance
    My Jairam Sai, Sai Ram
    Does so condescend
    In His own precious inimitable way
    Light up my day
    My mind, heart and soul
    With His unspoken sheer Presence
    Is my heartfelt burning desire
    And a simple silent plea.

    Ever after, life after life
    May the unseen Hand of Sai
    My precious Sai Jairam, Sai Ram
    Guide me along
    To pen a beautiful song
    Of praise after praise
    And emotionally sing
    The only song
    Of my Sai Jairam, Sai Ram;
    The only sheer pleasure
    In this cosmic dance of delight
    Dawn to dusk
    From times immemorial
    Till the ends of time
    All over infinite universe
    Is the Holy Name
    Of Sai Jairam, Sai Ram.
    That may we all be blessed
    By this sheer immense
    Aura of Sai Jairam, Sai Ram
    In total peace within;
    Such is the unseen hand of Sai
    My Sai Jairam, Sai Ram.


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