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Author Topic: Right V/s Wrong  (Read 1108 times)

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Right V/s Wrong
« on: May 08, 2016, 07:52:50 AM »
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  • OM SAI RAM!!!

    Right V/s Wrong

    Someone told you what is right,
    and someone told you what is wrong,
    and not only that, someone also told you
    there is something called a ‘right’
    and something called a ‘wrong’,
    and you have started believing in it so deeply.

    What do you mean by right and
    what do you mean by wrong?

    All our sense of right and wrong is a
    borrowed sense of right and wrong.

    All these ethics, morality, all these are
    coming from the outside, we never found them
    on our own.

    You were so small and somebody said that don’t hurt others,
    respect elders, speak the truth, be a loving person,
    this is right and that is wrong.

    But if you happen to be a smart kid,
    and you turn around and ask,
    ‘Why should I always speak the truth?’,
    there is a problem.

    If you further ask, ‘What IS the truth?’,
    there is a yet bigger problem.

    Papa may try to tell, but he cannot tell.
    He cannot tell because he himself doesn’t know.
    He himself doesn’t know because his own Papa told him,
    and own Papa was told by his Papa, and so on and so forth.

    And nobody really knows, but
    this mantra has been passed on since generations.

    All these ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ that you have, these ethics
    that you worship, you have just soaked it in like a sponge
    from here from there.

    You read the Ramayana and Ram became the ideal
    from whom your morality flows,

    or if you are a Buddhist, then what Buddha said is
    the code of morality.

    Or the Christ.

    Or anybody else.

    But did Ram follow another Ram,

    or Buddha follow a pre-existing Buddha,

    or Christ just borrow his morality from the society?

    Had you ever paid a little attention, you would have
    discovered how fallible your morals are,
    how incomplete and false they are.

    What is wrong in one country, is right in another country.
    What is wrong in one house, is considered right in others house.
    What is wrong in one age, is right in another age.
    What is wrong in one religion, is right in another religion.
    What is wrong in one’s view point, is right in another’s view point.
    One man is terrorist, is another man is freedom fighter.

    The only wrong is to be stupid.
    What does stupidity mean?
    Let us understand stupidity.
    Being distracted, not being attentive, not understanding,
    not exercising one’s own intelligence
    and just absorbing things as they come, this is stupidity

    You are capable of understanding.
    You surely are capable of understanding and
    you have come to a particular age
    when you must understand,
    you must act intelligently..........

    (found on the net ................. sharing )


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