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Author Topic: Sacrifice to Lord in Human form  (Read 319 times)

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Sacrifice to Lord in Human form
« on: July 24, 2010, 11:36:33 AM »
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  • Sacrifice to Lord in Human form

            One cannot argue that it is impossible to please God in human form by such total sacrifice of work and fruit of work.  This argument is not correct because such total sacrifice is possible in the case of the children.  It is not possible only in the case of God.  If it is really impossible by itself, it should have been impossible in the case of the children also.  People want the highest fruit through the easiest path.  Hence, they have changed the very goal itself.

     Suppose it is very difficult for you to travel to Delhi .  But you want to go to Delhi .  Then, you name a nearest village as Delhi and reach that Delhi .  Now you are satisfied that you are in Delhi .  You will say that there is no Delhi other than that village.  Generations have passed and after a long time, that petty village stands as Delhi .  People do not know even the existence of the real Delhi .  But the truth is that that petty village can never be Delhi and any numbers of people of any number of generations staying in that petty village are not the citizens of Delhi .  This is the power of truth and the incapability of the tradition.

     People want the grace of God by theoretical devotion like prostitutes or want the grace of God by investing some work or wealth like business people.  The difficulties in self less service and in doing sacrifice of work and wealth without aspiring any fruit in return to the contemporary human incarnation lead the people to investigate a new comfortable God with a comfortable path.  This new God is formless or a statue and the path is theoretical meditation or theoretical devotion with sacrifice of little work in leisure time or with sacrifice of little wealth to escape the tax problems.

    The new path is tied with their own new conditions, which are possible to do with some difficulty so that they can also claim the path to be difficult.  For example, cold-water bath in the early morning in the winter season is one such new condition, which is not possible to all the people.  Some people could do this and satisfied the concept of the path to God being with difficulties. The actual path is with thorns and no body can go in it to God except in the case of their own children. 

    Now a new path is made for the new goal and the path is artificially made to contain some small pits.  Now to cross these pits in the new path is the difficulty in the path to God.  Somehow, some people cross these pits and have the satisfaction of traveling through a path of difficulties. Such selfish, clever misinterpretations of the long blind tradition has harmed the souls in such a way so that even a soul which is capable of traveling through the thorny path is not even aware of the real path and the identity of the real goal.  Even such a capable soul is mislead to travel through the false path of small pits and reach the petty village called as Delhi .   At least such capable soul should have at least the knowledge of the right path and right goal. For this purpose only, the true path and true goal are revealed today in My divine knowledge.

    At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

    Anil Antony
    Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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