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Author Topic: Sai Inspires - 15th March 2006  (Read 1440 times)

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Sai Inspires - 15th March 2006
« on: March 15, 2006, 03:28:21 AM »
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  • Dear Reader,
    Loving Sairam from the Heart2Heart Team.
    When will service become a rewarding spiritual experience? Swami tells us today.


    Sai Inspires - 15th March 2006

     Service without idea of self is the very first step in the spiritual progress of man.  Any activity solely benefiting the self is, on that very account, barren.  The community is essential for the individual, for one’s very survival.  Service will confer on you and on the community wherein you live untold benefits.  It will also bring you an invisible but potent benefit: Divine Grace.  Service is an important ingredient of devotion.  You can see, sense, understand and sympathise with others, for they are akin to you.  If you do not feel the call at the sight human distress, disease and deviation from the right, how can you muster the determination and dedication necessary to serve the unseen, inscrutable, mysterious God?...Despising brother man, you cannot at the same time worship God.  If you do, God will not accept that hypocrisy.  God is the resident in every heart; so, serve anyone, that service reaches the God within him, and brings you the grace of God.

    - Voice of the Avatar, ch 7 No. 5.

    Service rendered without egoism, however small, can be highly beneficial. - Baba


    With Love and Regards,
    RadioSai's e-Journal Team,
    In Sai Service.



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