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Author Topic: Work hard and have confidence in God, not self  (Read 475 times)

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Work hard and have confidence in God, not self
« on: October 20, 2016, 12:46:14 PM »
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  • The fundamental slip is to think that the fruits are achieved by sincere and continuous efforts only done with full self confidence. This is fundamentally wrong and hence we fail to achieve the fruits by sincere efforts and self-confidence in our lives on several occasions. These failures bring tensions and spoil the health. This fundamental concept should be rectified by the correct fundamental concept.

    The fruit is given by God and not by the effort or the self-confidence you maintain in such effort. This does not mean that God will give you the fruit without effort. Your effort must be sincere and continuous as in the case of others. But, you should know that the generator of the fruit is neither your effort nor your self-confidence. You must do the effort with all sincerity in continuous way.

    You must just replace the self-confidence by the confidence in God and know that the fruit is always given by God. Now, the failure of your effort does not bring any tension in you because the effort is not the generator of the fruit. Such right knowledge removes your wrong impression that the generator of the fruit is your sincere and continuous effort.

    If you maintain this concept continuously, never tension comes due to the failure of your effort. You will think that God did not give the fruit since some better fruit is going to be given by Him in course of time.


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