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Author Topic: YOGIRAJ VASUDEVANANDA SARASWATI (A Biography)  (Read 11764 times)

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  •  By:- Shri S. N. Huddar
    (Continued from August   1974)
    Chaturmas-17 Shak 1828 (1906 A. D.)
    Narsoba Wadi
    People were eagerly waiting for Swami Maharaj and they wished to bring him in procession with music from the outskirts. But Swamiji arrived suddenly and stood before Shri Datta Paduka for Darshan at midday. Though it was dinner time as the news of his arrival was known, people came to the ghat for his darshan. All bowed to him humbly. Swami Maharaj stayed at the Brah-manand Math. He did midday rituals and went for alms. Narsinha Saraswati (Dikshit Swami) was much delighted to have darshan of Swamiji.

    From next day, Swami Maharaj resumed his daily routine. He got up at 4 A. M. gave instructions about sanyasa to Narsinha Saraswati. After morning bath and rituals he took darshan of Shri Datta Paduka, worshipped Shri Narayan Swami and ex¬plained Geeta Bhashya, Upnishat Bhashya etc. Then he read Brahmasutravritti and Jeevan Mukti Vivek. Interested local people came to listen to him. Vakratund Kavishwar Puranik also regularly came there. Visitors worshipped Swami Maharaj at 10 A. M.
    This time Swami Maharaj stayed here for 2 months. Thousands of Rupees were received which were taken by the priests. Cocoanuts, fruits and such eatables were distributed as prasad. At 12 noon he would go for alms at 5 houses. Narsinha Saraswati accompanied him. Alms were taken to Narayan Swami Math. He would take only 8 morsels  as per Sanyasa Rule. Many females would wait to take of his pattal and clean the place. One non-brahmin woman could not get this opportunity of service for several days. Knowing this Swamiji came out, dropped some rice particles on the ground and asked her to pick up and clean the place. She did so and had consolation.

    He explained 'Krishnalahari' and 'Shatshloki' of Shankara-charya in the afternoon- In the evening he would go to sangam for rituals and at the time of the third round of the Palakhi, he would come for darshan and return to Math. After Shejarati (arati at the time of sleeping) he would sit on a stony varandah in front of Narayan Swami Math to listen to the Bhajan as he liked it much. Vishnu Deo, Patwardhan and others sang padas and Abhangas of Swami Maharaj and other saints with devotion. After Arati, Mantra pushpa and Prasad, people dispersed at 12 in the midnight. Swami Maharaj taught Bhrama Karma to those interested at this time and then slept at 2 a. m, for only 2 hours.
    Swamiji's Departure For Rameshwar Witheld

    Guru Dwadashi festival (Ashwin Vadya 12) was ceremonised by the priests. This year Kolhapur state had taken objections for it and so the priests were anxious. Swamiji said, "Do Kothi. pujan as usual and everything will be all right." On Ashwin Vadya 10, Swamiji bathed in Krishna and came for darshan of Datta Paduka, He got samadhi and Shri Datta told him to go to Rameshwar, knowing this the people felt very much. All requested Swami Maharaj to stay for the festival. Swamiji said that he could not disobey Shri Datta Adesh. The priests continued to pour water on the Paduka incessantly to stop Swamiji's departure. Shri Datta told Swamiji to stay in Vadi till further Adesh, Swamiji said, "Be selling this body as you wish" Kolhapur State also lifted the ban on the festival.

    Kalkundrikar of Belgaum had come there and he had invited Swamiji for alms. His wife had completed cooking and was eagerly waiting for him. Swamiji came to her and received alms. When people knew this, they were astonished as they had seen Swamiji in Samadhi at Brahmanand Math the whole day. Some persons, who came from other towns also saw Swami Maharaj at the border line of Vadi and received prasad from him. Qandabua was puzzled to know these incidences. He asked Swamiji at the time of evening Sandhya about this. He smiled and said; "I do not know anything I was with you at the Math in Samadhi State."

    Ekadashi Smart or Bhagwat?

    This month Ekadashi was on two days. Swamiji observed 2nd i. e. Bhagwat. Guru Dwadashi was to be celebrated on that day. If Swamiji observed fast, how could he take prasad of guru Dwadashi? Shri Datta asked Swamiji, "who am I, Smart or Bhagwat?" Swamiji replied "Both" Shri Datta said, "Then any one Ekadashi can be observed." so Swamiji observed first Smart Ekadashi and received alms of Prasad the next day.

    Mangal Snan In Deepawali

    On Narak Chaturdashi, all the devoteea gave mangal snan (auspicious bath) to Swami Maharaj. Shri Narsinh Saraswati worshipped him with 16 upchars and the Arti was sung as follows:-" Jai Jai Sri Maghadurvar Swami Paramarthma Hansa”

    Very Hot Water Bath

    After mantra pushpa all offered Sashtang Dandwat- i. e. straight before and bowed to him.
    Once in Deepawali very hot water was poured on Shri Dattpaduka.    The result being Swamiji began to pass blood in urine When asked Shri Datta said "You are troubled by one day's h water bath, then what should be my case if boiled water is poured on me for 5  days."   Swami   Maharaj   inquired   whether  boiled water was tested before pouring on the Paduka and said "For your offence I am punished so pray Shri Datta and beg his pardon."

    Son Affected  By The Spirit of His Father.

    A person affected by a spirit had come from Konkan. After darshan of Swamiji, the spirit said, *'I am the father of this person. He does not follow the routine of recitation of Vishnu Saha-sranam and feeding of 'Atithi' (guest) daily. If he follows these rules, I will not trouble him." Swamiji asked him to do this. He returned acted as advised and he was relived of the spirit trouble.”

    For Having Issues

    '   A person of Mangaon had 2 wives, but he had no issue Swami Maharaj asked him to offer a gold cradle to a Brahmin. After doing this he had issues. Issues of one other person of Man-goan did not survive. Swamiji asked him to observe fast on Tuesday, Vasudeorao Thakur of Indore came to see Swami Maharaj. His wife was affected by a spirit He was told that the samadhi of one of his forefathers was not cared for and that he should arrange for its upkeep. Thakur searched out the place of Samadhi in his Vast estate and arranged for its worship. His wife had good health thereafter.

    Laper  Brahmin Cured

    A Brahmin suffering from Leprosy had come from Vengurla and stayed at Vadi for over 5 years for relief. He requested Swami Maharaj for relief and Swamiji after consulting Shri Datta, told him to feed an ass with Puran (delicious food made of gram dal and gur or sugar) and asked him, if he needs, he should take money from that offered by the devotees. He took one rupee and arranged to prepare puran and offered it to an ass in a jungle. He came for bath at midday when Swamiji was also bathing. He took bath on the lower side. After taking 3 dips he came up and observed that he was cured.

    Significance of Gayatri and Family God

    Balu Sadhala of Barsi was learning Vedasat Sangli He came for the darshan of Swami Maharaj and requested to favour him with mantropdesh Swamiji said, "For a Brahmin Gayatri is a principal mantra. He should observe Gayatri Purashcharan and get his desires fulfilled. Next he should recite mantra of his family God, who has been protecting the family, As you have come here, observe a gurucharitra saptah and recite 'Digambara Digam-bara shripad Vallabh Digambara.'

    A Rich Woman Relieved of Spirit Trouble.

    A rich person came to Vadi with his wife, who was troubled by a spirit. She was serving there for 3 months; but there was no relief. The person narrated this to Swami Maharaj, who told him the next day, "one Brahmin had deposited Rs 200/- with your forefathers. That amount was not returned. The Brahmin had become a spirit and he is troubling your wife. If you spend Rs 1100 in feeding the Brahmins here, she will be cured."
    The person demanded the amount by telegram from home and placed it before Swamiji He asked a priest to take the amount and to use it for feeding Brahmins and further told him that until the whole amount was spent, no brahmin should dine at home. When all the amount was thus utilized, the woman was relieved of the spirit trouble.

    Ganesh Satwalekar of Kolgaon copied 'Dwisahashri Guru-charitra' in hand and presented it to Swami Maharaj, who in leisure time explained the Gurucharitra to him and also gave him mantras for a scorpion, a serpent, evil eye, easy delivery etc. in writing on a paper While departing he came for darshan. Swamiji said "why not go tomorrow". He said, "A tanga has been hired and the luggage had already been taken away by him." "All right" exclaimed Swamiji. The tangawalla did not come that day and he had to go the next day.

    Forbidden to Write on  Public Matters

    Swami Maharaj once told that when he was at Bhusawal, many persons came to see him. They would say that they were inclined to do good things and had started doing daily rituals due to Swamiji's advice, but they cannot satisfy others in arguments and so they requested Swamiji to write an article by which others could be convinced. Swamiji began to write but again he had fever. When asked, Shri Datta said, "you cannot do this nonsense writing, if you are kept in such condition," He tore off the papers which he had written.

    Crop Saved From Rains.

    Dikshit Swamiji's elder brother's daughter was given in marriage at Bhilavadi. She was not liked by her husband as she was not fair. She was given a field and kept separate. She lived by tilling the land. She had put the dust touched by Swamiji in a case. Once the crop was ready for reaping. The sky was full of clouds and there were signs of rains. She prayed Swami Maharaj that until the crop was removed there should be no rains. She put out holy dust around the heaps of crop. She also said that she would feed Brahmins at Vadi after this. It rained in the surrounding area; but not a drop fell on her crops. She then went to Vadi and did Samaradhana (feeding of Brahmins). Swami Maharaj came to her for alms on her request.

    Swami Maharaj - Shri Uatta Incarnate

    Once Swami Maharaj was taken for alms in "Mola" forest, two miles from Vadi, with many devotees. Vakratundbua Kavi-shwar was with them. He read Purana in which he stated an authority of Bhavishya and other puranas that Shri Datta had three incarnations in Kaliyug, Shripad Shrivallabha, Narsinha Sa-raswati and 'Yogiraj' and this Yogiraj is none else but Shri Va-sudevananda Saraswati, Tembe swami Maharaj only.

    Swamiji expressed, "Yogiraj has yet to appear" They all returned by evening. Swami Maharaj sat on the varandah before Narayan Swami Math. Kirtan started and Swamiji got Samadhi.

    Spirit Harrasing a Woman

    A woman was affected by a Brahmin spirit. He would carry her in the sky and throw her anywhere in senseless state. After awakening she would return home. She came with her mother to Vadi. Here too one day she was taken high in the sky and left somewhere far away. The mother narrated this to Swami Maharaj, who said that she was safe in the west and that she would return by the evening. Being requested by her father, Swamiji gave a yantra to keep round the neck of the woman and after doing this, she was relieved of the trouble.

    Vaijinatha's Puja and Feeding of Thousands in Rs 7- Only

    During the first visit to Vadi of Swami Maharaj after Sanyasa, there lived a Brahmin, Vaijinatha, who wore one pancha and took another on his body. He called himself a disciple of Swami] Samarth of Akkalkot. For 15 years he lived in Vadi and had saved Rs 8/- by collection of dakshina of one or two paise received at a time He did not observe Sandhya or Puja. He did not] worship Datta Paduka also.

    Once he was asked to do Mahapuja spending Rs 8/- which he had.    He said that he was affected by a spirit and that he had to go to his elder brother.    People  could not know the meaning of his saying.    Swamiji  said   that he was a  Brahmanishta,   he is affected by a spirit, means God and that he wanted to go to his elder brother, meant he wanted to assimilate with Brahma and for the last ritual he had kept the money.

    However Gandabua insisted him to do Mahapuja. Swami Maharaj told him to spend Rs 7/- for puja and keep Rs I/- in balance. He also agreed to come for alms and told all the citizens to come for prasad. Preparations were made, cooking started, all food was covered by Swamiji's chati. Thousands of men, women, children, Brahmins and others dined and still there was food in balance. This is an instance like that of Bhasker Brahmins feeding at Gangapur at the instance of Shri Narsinha Saraswati about two hundred years ago (This is described in the 38th chapter of Shri Guru charitra).

    ( To be continued )
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