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Author Topic: MESSAGE [H. H. SWAMI KARUNANANDA of Shri Bhagawati Sai Samsthan at Railway colon  (Read 3385 times)

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My dear and precious premees, Sai Baba exhorted His disciples to spread His message to one and all, far and wide like Jesus telling his apostles, ;"Go out and tell the people, rejoice and be extremely glad for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.' Baba urged Das Ganu Maharaj to resign his job from the police so that he may devote his full time and energy for spreading the happy news through "harikatha kalakshepam" at which he was an expert. Baba is the Universal Spirit Omnipresent everywhere. He is both within (immenent) and beyond •

(transcendent) us Where He is within us? He is in every particle of us like butter in curd or oil in oilseed. Spiritual sadhana is a process of bringing out this personality of Baba into visible form by the intensity of our Bhakti like the formless water becomes ice with form by intensity of cold. The Upanishads say that man becomes that, of which he thinks constantly. By thinking of Baba constantly and not of anything else one easily will find Baba within his own self as stated in the Gita "by thinking of Me always and not of anything else "I am easily reached". God has innumerable names of which the most significant is "I AM" or "SHAM". Bible says "Be still and know that I AM GOD". Both the realised saint and the agnani use the same terra "I' but with different connotation. The saint's "I" represents the abso¬lute than which there is nothing else, while the agnani's "I" represents the little ego in which he is lost.

Mata Ananda Mayi was pressed at a sammelan of sadhus and sanyasis to speak a few words on God "Amruthawani". She was most reluctant to speak and her silence was more dynamic than words. Eventually she made only a cryptic remark "remembering God is immortality -forgetting God is death". This Sruti vakya is "Pragjnanam Brahma - Pramodo Mrityu". So remembering Baba always is the quickest and straightest way to find Baba within yourself. Remem¬bering does not mean a sort of vague, faint and weak residual lingering thought while you are engaged in ungodly pursuits. Ramakrishna said that when a person's love for God is the aggregate of a miser's love for Gold, mother's love for the first born and lover's love for his beloved, then he can find Him here and in Gita says at the end of the eleventh chapter "Not by vedas, tapasyas or any karmas can I be seen, as thou hast seen Me; but by devotion to Me alone, I can thus be seen, understood and entered". The Supreme Being is beyond the intellect however great, but within the intuitive perception of the heart. By fierce love, simplicity and unrelenting faith, God's Grace is attracted. Bible says "Who can understand Thy mystery Oh Lord! Who hides from sages and saints but plays with children and man of simple faith." The scriptures are full of stories of how God moved about and played with children and simple people.

To illustrate this there is a story of a simple man, who had unrelenting faith, which runs an follows:
There was a famous and spiritually advanced saint to whom people from far and wide came for guidance in their personal ventures and for predictions He was by his powers, able to show them lot of miracles and the crowd was increasing day by. day Many people did get richer, happier and famous by his blessings. One of the servants, a scavenger, was always wanting to see his master once atleast while alone and obtain his blessings and through that experience something higher in life. But he was always finding a large crowd of learned and rich people surround¬ing his master and himself being a scavenger he was not even allowed to go near them. He always was-far from his master and was having his darshan from a distance. Day by day his desire to meet the saint nearer and alone was increasing.

One day when his mas¬ter was attending nature's call he took the opportunity as no one was near and prostrated before him in all humblenes and sincere love. The   saint   threw   a   small   stone,   which   was   near him, to the servant and said  "Pakado"   meaning   hold   it.   Then   the   simple man of blind faith and total surrender, in his utter humility took the   stone   with   the   reverence, he had for his Godly master and the God himself, to his house, kept it on a wall, kept a   seat   of cloth   etc.,   as   if.'it was his idol of worship and started praying to it day in and day out offering naivedya before it   as   offering. He   used   to   pray to   it   "Pakado!   Have mercy on me, give me Darshan and enlighten me".   This sort of man with such a heart of purity   and   honest   in   approach   and unrelenting faith could move by his earnest appeal Lord Shiva, who got himself installed into the stone of his faith and appeared   before   him   along   with Parvati,   Skanda   and   Vinayaka   on the rishabha.   The simpleton was thrilled at this and was really the happiest; but he  couldn't tell   this   to anyone as it was the order of Shiva not to reveal it. Yet the simple man was very indebted to his  master,   the   saint, who   had   given   him   the   "Pakado",   the   stone   whidh   he was worshipping.   The man was very happy often having   Darshan   of Lord Shiva and enjoying talking to him.

After some days it so happened that his master was disturbed and was found to be upset over something and he didn't allow the crowd to come near him. The simple hearted servant went near and asked him the reason of his silence and gloom. The saint told to brush him aside by saying that it would be of no use telling him his troubles. On the continued insistence of the simple man, the saint told him that the King had asked this saint of spiritual powers to create rain within seven days so that the water which was scarce, as the rain failed to come for some months, would be available in plenty or he would be tried in a court. The day was nearing and the saint was troubled. Now on hearing this the servant said that his "Pakado" would never fail him and he would get the rain in time to save his master. When his master asked him as to who this "Pakado" was; he explained all about the stone given by him and the Darshan. On hearing how this simple faith could convert this stone to the real Lord Shiva, the saint was wonderstruck and he very much liked to have the Darshan of Shiva. But since it was the order of Shiva not to reveal this to others, when Shiva appeared in front of the servant, the saint lost the eyes. But on the day of trial where all were seated the King ordered the saint to show him water wherever he wanted. The saint cried loudly for his servant and he repeated that he was in the crowd. He came to the fore front with a crow bar and asked where the King would desire water to come. With a sincere prayer to his "Pakado" he dug and to everyone's surprise water came gushing through, like a fountain. The crowd was amazed at this but the saint was humbled by the humble man by virtue of his simple and honest love and longingness for God.

A person starts his life with a personality like a paper covered with black, brown and white patches. At the end of his life, if he had been able to extend the area of white by correspon¬ding reduction in the coloured area, he may consider himself as having lived worthily. In other words, we all start life with assets and liabilities. If at the end of our life, the liabilities are less and the assets more, we can have peace of mind. The Gita says in the 7th chapter, "only those who strive for liberation from birth to death, understand the essence of Supreme Being, in its varied aspects - Adhyatma, Adhidaiva and Adhibhoota." Gandhiji's famous repeated quotation was "The striver never perishes". So we all should make honest and intensive effort -only to the extent of effort we can obtain peace and happiness. Peace and happiness do not drop down on our lap from heaven but have to be earned.
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