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« on: February 15, 2007, 08:16:24 AM »
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  • The wisdom and the political power cannot be compared. The wise man is respected everywhere, while the ruler is respected only in his own country.

    Only the wise man is called virtuous, the foolish is not. There­fore, one wise man is better than a thousand foolish ones.

    The so-called friend who talks sweet on the face but creates trouble in your absence is like a pot full of poison but sweet at the rim. Shun him.

    The people who are beautiful, young, born of great family, but are without wisdom, are like flowers without fragrance.

    Moon iends charm to the stars and woman is valued by her husband, the earth is valuable because of the ruler (otherwise the country is useless), but learning is a thing which gives beauty and value to everyone.

    What is the use of a son born who is neither studious nor obedient? Surely, a squint eye is no good for looking, it only creates headache.

    One should caress a child upto the age of 5 years, punish it upto the age of 10 years, but when the child is 16 years, one should behave with him as if he is one's friend.

    Even a single tree with fragrant flowers beautifies the whole .garden. Similarly, even a single son who is worthy, makes the whole family respectable.

    Even a single dry tree which catches fire is the cause of fire to the whole forest. Similarly, a single bad offspring is detrimental to the happiness of the family.

    Even to the animals which are not having any special capacities, the saints are compassionate. This is just like the moon which does not withhold the cool ray from the doorstep of even the low­liest human being.

    In foreign lands and in journey, capacity and knowledge are one's friends, in the home, mother is one's friend, To the ailing, medi­cine is friend and to the dead, his religious actions are friend.

    Nobody is nobody's friend. Nobody is nobody's enemy. Be­cause of the policy, vested interest and need, people become eithr friends or enemies,

    An evil-doer who speaks sweet is not worthy of trust. His ton­gue is sweet but heart is darkened by acute poison.

    Live a serpent who is poisonous but on whose hood shines a beautiful jewel, the devilish person who is bad at heart but who is even a scholar, should be avoided.

    They say that the cobra is cruel and the evil-doer is cruel. But the latter is worse than the former, because on the poison of ser­pents there is a medicine or a charm, but what can control the deeds of evil-doers?

    Anyway money and the life are temporary. One day or the other they are to end. So, the wise man surrenders both when time comes to do so, for the good cause of others.

    Even if you offer crores of rupees, you cannot bring back one moment which is already wasted out of your valuable life. If you are wasting it, what worse waste is there than that?

    There is vast difference between the physical body and the good qualities of mind. The physical body is ephemeral, but the good qualities persist even for eternity.

    One should not have his residence in a place where there is no rich man, no religious person, no river, no king to rule and no Doctor.

    Riches come of their own accord to a place where foolish are not adored, where there is a good stock of grains, and the relation­ship in the family is cordial.

    The man whose son, servant and wife are obedient and affable can be contented, as if he is in heaven though on earth.

    He who has no mother in his house and whose wife is using bitter words, should better go to live in the forest, because for him the home and forest are alike.

    The cuckoo's beauty lies in its song, chastity is the beauty of women, those who are not so beautiful have their charm in their wisdom and those who are hermits doing penance have their great­ness in compassion.

    Fire teaches all the persons of whatever caste they may be, a Brahmin teaches all the other castes, Husband is the real teacher of of the wives and the source of learning for all is the guest who comes to the house.

    Only he lives in the real sense of the word, whose virtue and sense of duty are dynamic. Those who have not these qualities are living a useless life..;

    Rare are the things mentioned below viz. a real friend, a son who thinks and does good to his father, a wife who is a real match, and relatives who are loving.
    सबका मालिक एक - Sabka Malik Ek

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