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Author Topic: Comfort Zone…Get Out Of It !  (Read 1350 times)

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Comfort Zone…Get Out Of It !
« on: May 14, 2012, 05:20:24 AM »
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  • If you want your Life to have a meaning and purpose, you must first value your life… Start Today!

    Each one of us is born to be a world-class champion in a particular field of endeavour. We are bound to find that particular field.

    But, by doing the same things everyday, you cannot expect to deliver new and better results! Right? You need to bring about a Change in what you do and how you do things. You must transform the way you live your life!

    Changing the way you live you life means changing the way you think. Changing how you think means changing what you have come to believe or accept about your life. This is something that is very hard, so hard that even when you so desperately want to change, you prefer to hang on to the misery because it is familiar and comfortable.

    The Greatest Enemy of your Potential is your Comfort Zone

    The fact that you try really really hard to bring about that certain kind of change in your life will speak for how bad you want your Success!

    There are basically two kinds of people: Lions and Sheep. Ninety percent of us are sheep. Because we like to follow the status-quo-Comfort Zone.

    The Comfort zone is where you get to drown slowly and luxuriate in it as you do.

    Change requires Risks and Sacrifices. But how much are we willing to Risk and Sacrifice? The funny thing is, the things we are so scared of risking are like chips in a casino, useless unless they are risked. All Success stories have one principle in common-getting out of your comfort zone.

    Every time you fear and walk away from something that challenges your Comfort Zone and every time you choose not to risk, you are missing that opportunity.

    Your Life is not Yours Until you Risk it!!

    Push Yourself out of Your Comfort Zone…Break the Rules! Be Different! Rise above the Standards! That is what makes Life Worth Living! It’s where the Magic of your Success Lies!!!

    Your Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone!

    Dare Yourself Something Extraordinary Today!
    "नानक नाम चढदी कला, तेरे पहाणे सर्वद दा भला "


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