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Author Topic: Forgive Generously .....!  (Read 977 times)

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Forgive Generously .....!
« on: August 26, 2011, 02:28:07 AM »
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    Forgive Generously .....!
    (Rcd through mail, sharing)

    Giving forgiveness to others is what allows you to release them and you from your souls'
    shared karmic journey. This is more than an optional step on your journey, it is required for
    you to move from karma to creation, from the path of destiny into your role of co-creator with
    the Universe. Without forgiveness you are blocked from receiving the fullness of the divine
    guidance, blessings, support and grace that allow for joyful, effortless living. That is why you
    should apply forgiveness generously, fully and completely to everyone.

    So often that which you must forgive has been the source of great pain, coming from those who
    have wounded you to the depths of your soul. You struggle with what they have done, try to
    understand their reasons and motivations, and wonder why they can be so cruel. You question
    whether you can forgive them and their actions as you feel this is a form of approval or acceptance.
    But you think this way because you have a limited awareness of your journey with them.

    You are asked to forgive so that you can end karma and what you know of others through your
    pain is where you are the receiver. In other lifetimes you have been the one who caused pain,
    consciously or unconsciously, and what you are receiving is the other side of this cycle. The cycle
    repeats because everyone is reliving what has been done, again and again, over the course of
    lifetimes. It is not possible to undo what has already been done, but you can stop these cycles
    from repeating, which is held in your choice to forgive.

    When you forgive you are only focused on ending the karmic cycle. Nothing else is part of that
    decision. The choice is not whether you can forgive others or whether they have done the
    unforgivable, but whether you want to end your karma with them, to be free of these cycles and
    their patterns in your life. This is a choice you make for yourself, so you can be free of these energies.
    You do not make this choice on behalf of anyone else. So forgive generously, fully and completely;
    give the gift of forgiveness to everyone in your life and free yourself of the connections that have
    defined your life until this moment so that new paths, possibilities and potentials open for you.


    Be Blessed!
    Love & Light!
    Om Sai Ram!  :)

    If you are sad n in pain, Be as the ocean, and release. The ocean tides don't pause and hold in anything, they ebb...and then they flow. Only briefly holding on top of a wave for a moment. If something from your past bubbles up, simply take a deep breath, and let it go. More love!
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    Re: Forgive Generously .....!
    « Reply #1 on: August 26, 2011, 02:39:26 AM »
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  • OmSaiRam

    Excellent post  :) worth reading and applying too....

    Baba Bless!!

    Sai Samarth..........Shraddha Saburi
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