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« on: September 28, 2011, 01:53:05 AM »
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  • "Navdurga : Nine Forms of Goddess Durga"


    Worshipping Maa Durga
    The advent of Navratri signifies the arrival of Goddess Durga. Though Maa Durga is worshipped all over India but this festival is more than just a festival for the people of West Bengal. Thousands idol of Maa Durga is made for the different beautiful pandals. The art of painting the idol and decorating the pandals with different stuffs is a must watch site in West Bengal. People who perform the puja at home follow a very strict routine. Though its not compulsory but many people keep fasts during the Navratri. The puja of Maa Durga is done at a fixed timing daily for nine days with aartis, flowers, fruits and sweets as bhog and many more. Those who perform the puja in the pandals do it in their own way with lots of noise and sound of drums. The lightings are the main attraction of this festival. After all the actions during the nine days the people pray and ask for the blessings of Maa Durga in their own manner and at last the immersion of the idols takes place in the river Ganga.

    There are total nine forms of Goddess Durga which when taken together is called the Nav Durga.

    1. Shailaputri - She is the first form of Maa Durga and the daughter of Himalaya. In previous birth she was the daughter of Daksha. Her name was Sati - Bhavani. i.e. the wife of Lord Shiva.

    2. Brahmacharini - The second form of Goddess Durga is Brahamcharini. Here "Brahma" means "Tapa". The idol of this Goddess is very gorgeous. There is rosary in her right hand and Kamandal in left hand. She is full with merriment.

    3. Chandraghanta - She is the third Shakti of Maa Durga. There is a half-circular moon in her forehead. She is charmful and bright. She is Golden color. She has three eyes and ten hands holding with ten types of swords - etc. weapons and arrows etc. She is seated on Lion and ready for going in war to fight the evil demons.

    4. Kushmanda - The fourth Durga is Kushmanda. The Shakti creates egg, ie. Universe by mere laughing .She resides in solar systems. She shines brightly in all the ten directions like Sun. She has eight hands. Seven types of weapons are shining in her seven hands. Rosary is in her right hand.

    5. Skandhamata - The fifth form of Durga is Skanda Mata. The daughter of Himalaya, after observing penance got married with Shiva. She had a son named "Skanda." Skanda is a leader of the army of Gods. Skanda Mata is a deity of fire. Skanda is seated in her lap. She has three eyes and four hands. She is white and seated on a lotus.

    6. Kaatyayani - Katyayani is the sixth form of Maa Durga. The son of "Kat" as "Katya". Rishi Katyayan born in this "Katya" lineage. Katyayan had observed penance with a desire to get paramba as his daughter. As a result she took birth as a daughter of Katyayan. Therefore her name is "Katyayani" . She has three eyes and eight hands. These are eight types of weapons missiles in her seven hands. Her vehicle is Lion.

    7. Kalaratri - This seventh Durga is black like night. Durga hairs are unlocked. She has put on necklaces shining like lightening. She has three eyes which are round like universe. Thousands of flames of fire come out while respiring from nose. She rides on Shava (dead body). There is sharp sword in her right hand. Her lower hand is in blessing mood. The burning torch (mashal) is in her left hand and her lower left hand is in fearless style, by which she makes her devotees fearless.

    8. Mahagauri - The Eighth Durga is "Maha Gauri." She is as white as a conch, moon and Jasmine. She is of eight years old. Her clothes and ornaments are white and clean. She has three eyes. She rides on bull She has four hands. The above left hand is in "Fearless - Mudra" and lower left hand holds "Trishul." The above right hand has tambourine and lower right hand is in blessing style. She is calm and peaceful and exists in peaceful style. It is said that when the body of Gauri became dirty due to dust and earth while observing penance, Shiva makes it clean with the waters of Gangas. Then her body became bright like lightening.

    9. Siddhiratri - The ninth and the final Durga is Siddhidatri. There are eight Siddhis , they are- Anima, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Prapti, Prakamya, Iishitva & Vashitva. Maha Shakti gives all these Siddhies. This form of Durga is worshiped by all Gods, Rishis-Munis, Siddhas, Yogis, Sadhakas and devotees for attaining the best religious asset.

    "नानक नाम चढदी कला, तेरे पहाणे सर्वद दा भला "

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    Re: Navratri...
    « Reply #1 on: September 28, 2011, 02:22:22 AM »
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  • Lovely way of defining the values sis

    Navratre is another special time to remain our values and culture. Fasting & wonderful RAMLEELA plays are

    always attract us. All group age people has different wishes & ways to make happy Mata. Kalash

    installation & yatra are really charm of this time. But it has another bad side , so may kidnapping &

    killing of kids  to make Maa happy. Baba please show them the way. Maa please give sadmarg to them,

    & tell them , You can never be kind for them.......

    om sai ram

    jai mata di

    thanks piya

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    Re: Navratri...
    « Reply #2 on: September 28, 2011, 11:48:11 PM »
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  • Thank u for the lovely posting  piyagolu sairam.

    jai sai ram


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