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Author Topic: Conflicts and Cold wars among members  (Read 1510 times)

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Conflicts and Cold wars among members
« on: July 19, 2012, 09:30:37 AM »
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  • I personally feel somewhat responsible for all the conflicts and the cold wars going among many members in the forum.  It’s painful to see devotees of Baba fighting for their Ego. I should have set the right expectations at the very beginning. But I was under a wrong impression and thought the Baba’s devotes are like Baba only.

    The true purpose of this Forum is to connect with Baba and help others attain the similar spiritual goals. There was a time when we used to have some great devotees on Forum and with their mere presence we feel blessed and motivated.  

    I never wanted to moderate DwarkaMai the way other forums are moderated with hard core rules. Rules and regulation may change your behavior but they can’t change your true character. This approach somewhat sent out a wrong signal. Despite me imposing many rules, I still don’t see a change in the condition.

    No matter what my relationship is with you personally or how big your contribution is in the Forum, going forward if you are involved in any unnecessary conflicts with another member, I have no other choice but to remove you from DwarkaMai. I love and respect all the devotees here and please dont force me to take some action which is painful for me and you too.

    Sai Ram
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    Re: Conflicts and Cold wars among members
    « Reply #1 on: July 20, 2012, 01:51:58 AM »
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  • Everyone in the forum who have stayed long enough would know that Ravi is quite flexible in adopting changes in forum for better......he is always more than willing to listen to people.....this forum has always been very free flowing, self sustained by members and driven by all members.....the state of forum today is a blessing for all of us from several ways he helped grow it.....Ravi would always try to make this forum better for all of us.....!

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    Re: Conflicts and Cold wars among members
    « Reply #2 on: July 20, 2012, 02:19:42 AM »
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  • Just my 2 Cents

    Following from the Sri Sasatcharitra

    Anna Chinchanikar vs. Mavsibai
    Hemadpant, now describes another witty incident, in which Baba played a peace-maker's part. There was one devotee by name Damodar Ghanashyama Babare alias Anna Chinchanikar. He was simple, rough and straightforward. He cared for nobody, always spoke plainly and carried all dealings in cash. Though he looked outwardly harsh and uncompromising, he was good natured and guileless. So Sai Baba loved him. One day, like others serving Baba in their own way, this Anna was, one noon standing prone and was shampooing the left arm of Baba, which rested on the kathada (railing). On the right side, one old widow named Venubai Koujalgi whom Baba called mother and all others Mavsibai, was serving Baba in her own way. This Mavsibai was an elderly woman of pure heart. She clasped the fingers of both her hands round the trunk of Baba and was at this time kneading Baba's abdomen. She did this so forcibly that Baba's back and abdomen became flat (one) and Baba moved from side to side. Anna on the other side was steady, but Mavsibai's face moved up and down with her strokes. Once it so happened that her face came very close to Anna's. Being of a witty disposition she remarked - "Oh, this Anna is a lewd (bad) fellow, he wants to kiss me. Even being so old with grey hair he feels no shame in kissing me." These words enraged Anna and he pulled up his sleeves and said - "You say that I am an old bad fellow, am I quite a fool? It is you that have picked up a quarrel and are quarreling with me". All the persons, present there were enjoying this encounter between them. Baba Who loved both of them equally and wanted to pacify them, managed the affair very skillfully. Lovingly He said - "Oh Anna, why are you unnecessarily raising this hue and cry? I do not understand what harm or impropriety is there, when the mother is kissed?" Hearing these words of Baba, both of them were satisfied and all the persons laughed merrily and enjoyed Baba's wit to their heart's content.

    Baba's Characteristics -- His Dependency on Bhaktas
    Baba allowed His devotees to serve Him in their own way, and did not like any other persons interfering in this. To quote an instance, the same Mavsibai was on another occasion, kneading Baba's abdomen. Seeing the fury and force used by her, all the other devotees felt nervous and anxious. They said, "Oh mother, be more considerate and moderate, otherwise you will break Baba's arteries and nerves". At this Baba got up at once from His seat, dashed His satka on the ground. He got enraged and His eyes became red like a live charcoal. None dared to stand before or face Baba. Then He took hold of one end of the Satka with both hands and pressed it in the hollow of his abdomen. The other end He fixed to the post and began to press His abdomen against it. The satka which was about two or three feet in length seemed all to go into the abdomen and the people feared that the abdomen would be ruptured in a short time. The post was fixed and immovable and Baba began to go closer and closer to it and clasped the post firmly. Every moment the rupture was expected, and they were all dismayed, did not know what to do, and stood dumb with wonder and fear. Baba suffered this ordeal for the sake of His Bhakta. The other devotees wanted only to give a hint to the Mavsibai to be moderate in her service and not cause any trouble or pain to Baba. This they did with good intention, but Baba did not brook even this. They were surprised to see that their well-intentioned effort had resulted in this catastrophe; and they could do nothing but to wait and see. Fortunately, Baba's rage soon cooled down. He left the satka and resumed His seat. From this time onward, the devotees took the lesson that they should not meddle with anybody but allow him to serve Baba as the chooses, as He was capable to gauge the merits and worth of the service rendered unto Him.

    Both events occurred in the physical presence of Sri Sai. This just goes to prove human by nature have varied thoughts and notions. And some times they want to assert or impose such notions on others. This gives rise to friction.

    Raviji , please do not take responsibility of doership. Even when you remove someone from Dwarakamai then it is at his behest only.
    Whatever happens is HIS LEELA

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    Re: Conflicts and Cold wars among members
    « Reply #3 on: July 28, 2012, 02:34:02 AM »
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  • "Karacharana Krn Itam Vaakkaayajam Karmajam Vaa,
    Shravananayanajam Vaa Maanasam Vaaparaadham,
    Vihitamavihitam Vaa Sarvametatkshamasva,
    Jaya Jaya Karunaabdhe Shriimahaadeva Shambho"


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