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Author Topic: It just does not matter  (Read 3031 times)

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It just does not matter
« on: July 05, 2014, 11:41:35 AM »
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  • Sai brothers and sisters....The ways of the world are too complex to be understood without giving up vices and as long as one is attached to wealth, power, fame and relations of this world; one cannot understand the truths of the world and lest what is written in scriptures. No seat of power or importance can impart a person victory over one's senses and no worldly qualification can make a person automatic capable person to authoritatively interpret hidden gems of truths in countless words and mountain of text. Every soul's journey is its own and every soul is capable of deciphering right from wrong. Though potentially every soul is endowed with infinite intelligence; while in its journey the soul still needs direction.

    Baba is the guiding light which came to this earth and will continue to come to this earth as many times as Baba wants. The task of Baba was to unite and not divide; Baba wanted everyone to rise above their religious leanings and see the light of truth in every path and every direction. A path is good only to the point of sincerity of its seeker. A path cannot lead anyone anywhere; one who walks reaches where it wants to reach. The determined soul will find path after path and will negotiate all turns with determination and resolve. Conscience is the best guide in the absence of any clue; once we are capable of being connected with our true self, all outward confusions will disappear.

    Whether Baba confirms to scriptures or not should not matter to us. Whether Baba is hindu or muslim should also not matter. Remember that life is too short and death comes when we least expect it. It is up to us to use our life wisely or waste it in pointless arguments. Baba is what you want Him to be. Baba will be your friend, your guide or Guru and it is entirely up to us to lead our lives in better way confirming with Baba's teachings.

    Peace and love to you all...
    Peace and Love to you All.


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