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Author Topic: Two days in Shirdi with Rs. 580 in hand - My unique experience  (Read 4723 times)

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  • बाबा मुझे अपने ह्र्दय से लगा लो, अपने पास बुला लो।

Two days in Shirdi with Rs. 580 in hand -  My unique experience

Since past few years, I have been blessed with opportunity to visit Shirdi
and have BABAs blessed darshan, on every Poornima.  And like every month,
I started my journey to Shirdi on the evening of Thursday 27th August 2015.

Here I would like to share with you all that during my each and every visit our
BABA blessed me with innumerable miracles and assuring me that BABA is with me
each and every moment of my life. By the grace of BABA, each journey to Shirdi,
the stay there and BABAs darshan, aartis- have been hassle free and were
always without any problem.

When I began my journey I was not aware that BABA is going to give me my life’s
most important lesson during this trip. :)

Early morning around 4.00 a.m. when I was in deep sleep, I heard some noise of
co passengers outside the bus. I woke up and was shocked to see the entire bus empty
except me and another lady with a small kid. On further enquiry, I got to know that
due to break down the bus driver is unable to take us till Shirdi and we will have
to make our own arrangements.

Immediately I collected my luggage and with other passenger I also started to look
for alternate transport to reach Shirdi.

Unlike others who were with their family or friends, I was alone. They started going
in a group and began to avail whichever first available transport they got.

I was felt very helpless and started praying to Baba for sending help to reach Shirdi
safely. It was surprising that at that very moment I received the following picture
message from unknown number :

"Why fear when I am here
I will guide & protect you"

Just when I was reading the message I heard someone called me by
my name – it was our bus driver. He is familiar due to my frequent visits to
Shirdi with the same travel agency. He requested me not to worry and informed
me that their bus company was sending a taxi for them, to take them to Shirdi.

Much relieved by this message, I thanked him and BABA. Within the next 10 minutes
the taxi came and we started our journey towards Shridi.

So by the grace of BABA, I reached Shirdi much before the scheduled time of
the bus- 6.30 a.m.

After freshening up for doing the usual routine of darshans and parayan
I proceeded towards BABA and BABA’s Samadhi and had blessed darshan of BABA
and paid namaskar to the Samadhi.

Here I would like to mention that, while visiting shirdi or any holy places, I always
carry photographs of my dear and near ones alongwith me and while taking
darshan/paying namaskar give the pictures to the pandit ji so that my dear n near ones
also get the blessings of the divine. I had done so this time as well and met pandit ji
and gave him the photographs for BABAs blessings.

He asked me about my well being and we discussed about a pooja which I consulted 
him a day before my departure to shirdi to arrange through his contacts at Shani Singnapur
for my son.

After darshan, pandit ji gave me plenty of Prasad and flowers etc.  kept near BABAs
lotus feet, as blessings from BABA and I left Samadhi mandir with BABAs permission.

On my way back to the hotel I stopped for a cup of tea. For making payment when
I searched for my wallet, it was not there. Without panicking, I peacefully once again
searched – but could not find it. Quietly I took BABA’s name and made the final attempt
to search -took out the Prasad and flowers and searched in the whole bag - it was not there.

This meant that I had lost Rs. 15,000/- which I was carrying to hand over to the panditji
 for pooja at Shanisingnapur plus Rs. 5,000 which I use everytime to purchase food
coupons  from the sansthan’s prasadayala to distribute among poor plus additional money
 for two days expenses and my I card, Debit card, Voter ID etc and most importantly
photos of my dear and nears ones.

Normally I don’t carry entire money with me but keep some at the room itself. But this
was the first time I did, thinking that I will finish annadan procedure and also hand over
the money for the pooja at shani singnapur to panditji or his wife at his residence that
day itself since next day onwards there is possibility of increased crowd visiting from
Kumbh Mela.

So, this all meant that I was left with not much money. From my hand bag I found
some money from which I cleared tea bill Rs. 10/-.

My biggest worry was how to manage the money for pooja for my son and how will
I manage next two days at Shirdi.

Despite the fact that this was a big loss, somehow, by BABAs grace I did not feel
very anxious.

Calmly I reached the security officer of the Shirdi Sansthan in the mandir parisar.
He helped me by sending along with me a security person to the police station
to lodge a complaint.

Then I completed the formalities to block my debit card.After reaching my room
and with a calm state of mind, I searched in my hand bag and much to my luck,
I found Rs. 580/-  :)

As nowadays transferring money is not a big problem, I did try calling my colleague
(between 2 to 4 pm) to request him to immediately transfer some money – but
there was no reply.

Then with heavy heart I reached dwarkamai, took BABA’s darshan, sat infront of him,
prayed for help and requested Him to be with me always.

When I was praying to BABA, a fakir, (we see such fakirs all over Shirdi nowadays) 
sitting next to me asked me, “itni pareshan kyon ho?”.

I replied,
“kuch nahi baba, mei theek hun”.

He said:
“pareshan toh lag rahi ho, chehre par dikh raha hai– kya hua”.

First I looked at BABAs portrait near BABA’s stone – took BABA’s  permission
– and replied – I lost my wallet with entire money – that’s my worry”

Fakir asked,
“ toh tere pass kuch bhi rupaye nahi hai beti ?”

I said,
“ keval 500 rupaye hain”

He smiled and asked ,
“kitne din rukne wali ho ?”

“ Kal sham tak baba”, I replied.

Again he smiled
“toh tumhe kya iss se jyada chhahiye 2 din ke liye – beti 500 rupaye me
poora mahina chalane wale bhi hain”

I said, “ mere 2 din ke kharche ki fikra nahi – bête ke liye shingnapur me pooja
karvani thee, uske liye aur annadaan ke liye ab rupaye nahi hai – iss baat ki fikra hai”

Fakir said, “allah ki marzee ho to uska bhi intejham ho jaayega –
chalo mei chalta hun”

and he blessed me by touching my head and left the dwarkamai.

Yes-  he was right ,Without BABA’s  grace, not even a leaf can move.

I then reflected as realized that fakir had said, five hundred rupees wouldbe
enough for me for two days .since I had already paid for the return bus ticket and
paid three day room rent, it would not be a problem. I only needed money for
offering flowers to BABA and for food over two days.

So, with calm mind once again I had BABAs darshan, came to my room and there
is BABAs mandir in the hotel’s compound, sat there and started reading SSC.
I attended BABAs dhoopaarti,shejaarti in dwarkamai and after dinner went there again
to clean the dwarkamai  along with others and subsequently joined for jaagran.

Thus I spent whole night with BABA without thinking anything about the lost wallet
and left everything to BABA.

Jis haal me rakhe sai uss haal me rahate jaavo  :)

After morning  aarti, I came to my room, freshened up, reached for Darshan of
BABA in Samadhi Mandir,  Lord Hanuman, Chavdi, Abdul Baba’s Jhopdi and

While around 1.00 p.m, when I was sitting at the Hanuman temple, and reciting
Hanuman Chalisa, the poojari of Hanuman temple came to me for dakshina which
I usually offer him during my visits. Though I was left with very less cash with me,
I took BABAs name and gave him Rs. 101.

After some 10 minutes– one stranger sitting next me started conversation with me
and requested for money for food and to go back to his home place. I then silently
prayed “ oh Baba, why are you testing me – I never say no to anyone who asks money
for food and whom my antaratma feels to be a genuine person – but Baba I have very
small amount left with me”.

Then I looked at Lord Hanuman and felt as if he is smiling at me.

Aur kya ……………….jiss haal me rakhe sai uss haal me rahete jaavo…….. :)

I then thought that if BABA wants me to spend the rest of the remaining money
in his place and wants me to go back with empty hand – theek hai.

So I gave him first Rs. 50/-but then on his request gave him another fifty rupees,
so a total of hundred rupees. He blessed me saying-“ Baba hamesha tujhe sukhi
 rakhe, teri zindgee ki har mushkil dur ho“.

I touched his feet and continued the Hanuman Chalisa / bajrangbaan recitation.

Since I had to leave at  5.30 pm for the bus stop, around  4.00 p.m. I went to
dwarkamai,  offered flowers and coconut and took BABA’s permission to leave and
prayed to him to call me back to Shirdi soon.

When I was getting ready for leaving at 5.00 p.m. I received a call from panditji
of Samadhi Mandir whom I had requested help to conduct the pooja at shani
singnapur for my son.

It was with guilt that I attended the phone since I did not contact him after meeting
him on 28th morning at Samadhi mandir. So before he could say anything
I started my story.

But in between he interrupted me and said

“ Arre beti, kal tumne to apna purse Samadhi mandir me mei jahan baitha tha
vahin chod kar chalee gayee thee.

Tumhare jaane ke baad mera dhyan gaya, pehle to security ko dene wala tha,
phir yaad aaya ki tumne photographs nikal kar isee purse me se de rahi thee.
Isliye kholkar dekha, to sab photographs usme hain.

Yeh achchi baat thee ki tumhe yahan sansthan ke sab jaante hain, isliye meine kaha
ki tum mujhe rupaye dene aane wali thee, isliye jaroor aavogee aur security officer
ko mere pass purse hai voh likhkar dekar mei ghar le gaya, lekin tum nahi aayee.

Tumhara phone number mere wife ke mobile par hai, kyon ki mei to mobile use
nahi karta, aur voh apne bhai ke yahan se abhi aayee hai isliye socha tumhe
kahun ki aakar purse collect kar lo.”

At this moment dear devotees, I don’t know how to express my feelings, situation –
I was totally numb, cold – for a moment I could not say anything.

The first thought came in mind was whether we can perform pooja at singnapur
now or not – I asked the poojari – he said

“ voh to beta, meine kal hee vahan ke poojari ko bata diya tha ki pooja kar dein,
aur vaise bhi tumhe pooja me baithna to nahi tha, lekin tum jaane wali thee,
toh unhone kaha ki tum vahan bhi nahi gayee – beta mere pass cell naa hone ki
vajaha se tumhe bata nahi saka aur mandir ke andar bhi tumse aaj bheed ki
vajaha se nahi mil paaya.”

“Tum kitne baje nikal rahi ho, ghar aa jaavo, har poornima ko mere ghar ka Prasad
 leti ho, Prasad bhi le lo aur purse bhi beta…”

I said, ”panditji ab to time ho gaya hai, aap pooja ke jitney rupaye hain voh le leejiye
aur 5000 ka prasadalaya ka food coupon ho sake to lekar gareebon me aaj hee vitran
kar sako to karva deejiye, “…. “Aur rahi baat purse ki – bus stop pahunch kar driver se
pooch kar time mile to thodi derr ke liye aa jaati hun aur purse aur Prasad bhi le

Devotees, I was witnessing mixed emotions, with tears of release of tension
and happiness…

Since autos were restricted by the sansthan in and around mandir for next three days
one of hotel’s staff helped me to reach bus stop at 5.15 p.m.

My dear Sai devotees the experience is not yet over……….

Ab asli picture baaki hai…….

(contd. in next post ........)

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If you are sad n in pain, Be as the ocean, and release. The ocean tides don't pause and hold in anything, they ebb...and then they flow. Only briefly holding on top of a wave for a moment. If something from your past bubbles up, simply take a deep breath, and let it go. More love!
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Re: Two days in Shirdi with Rs. 580 in hand - My unique experience
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  • OM SAI RAM !!!

    Two days in Shirdi with Rs. 580 in hand -  My unique experience

    (contd...... part II)

    On reaching bus stop (the luxury bus drivers normally park their buses in the
    compound of hotels fixed by the bus owners) I was little surprised to see the parking
    area empty……When asked the hotel receptionist, he said,

    “arre aap yahan kyon aayee ho, tumhe pata nahi, sabhi tourist bus ko nashik
    shahar ke bahar RTO office ke pass ke parking plot par bhej diya gaya hai, nasik ke
    baad koi bus ko kal se yahan tak aane ki permission nahi hai’

     “ kal subaha ke bus me mei aayee thee, aur kal hamri bus kharab ho gayee thee
    mere saath aur bhi log  the voh sab to doosre bus lekar shirdi aaye the.”
    I said.

    Again he said ,” madam kal se koi bus ko yahan tak aane kee persmission nahi hai
    aur Monday tak yehi chalega.”

    I thought, BABA, now what I am supposed to do, how I am going to reach Nasik alone.

    Oh BABA sorry sorry, you are there with me, I know, so tell me how we are going to
    reach Nasik now.

    Meanwhile, the hotel receptionist called the Nasik travel desk where he got irresponsible
    reply so he was suggesting me to take taxi which would cost around Rs. 2000/- that too,
    with no guarantee to drop me till RTO parking plot, since in case of any problem in traffic
    the driver would drop me right there itself…..

    BUT .. my problem was that I had only Rs.125 /-. In hand  :(

    My earlier plan was due to Poornima fasting, to take dinner on the highway
    where ever the bus stops and to reach my residence by hired cab and to pay
    on reaching home.

    But now how will I reach Nasik  :(. With only Rs. 125/-  :(

    The hotel reception area BABA seemed to be looking at me with a broad but
    mischievous smile – as if he is asking “ab kya karenge?”

    Immediately I remembered the person whom I know and is managing the Shirdi travel
    desk –Mr Gopi, and called him and explained everything. Though angry with him for not
    informing the passenger about the change of bus departure well in advance, I was
    trying to control my anger.

    He advised me to take government bus and also helped me to reach
    the government bus stop outside shirdi village to reach Nasik.

    After inability to find a bus, finally Gopi helped me board one government bus with a
    request to the lady conductor ( surprisingly, seen first time ) to drop me at Dwarka stop
    at Nasik.

    But my next worry was, how am I going to find out the RTO parking plot outside Nasik
    city, all alone ….. the moment I thought I was alone……. I realized my mistake and
    apologized to Baba- saying that I know that You are with me BABA … you are doer of
    everything, now BABA its your responsibility, please be with me and guide me each
    and every moment……
    Sharp at 6.00 the bus started ….. I felt relieved only to soon realized that in my tension
    I forgot to either collect my purse and also to inform panditji.

    So I called immediately and briefed him the situation and requested him to do the annadan
    today itself if possible and keep the purse with him which I would subsequently arrange
    to be collected later on.

    The bus ticket price for shirdi to Dwarka, Nashik  was Rs. 107/-  and now…. 
    I was left with only 18 rupees…..

    I thought,  in my life I never spent money with this much calculation. Also, realized that
    Rs. 18/-  was not enough to reach RTO parking plot, for dinner and on reaching my city,
    for onward travel to my residence.

    Baba kya karein ab batavo…….

    Next I remembered few devotees from our city who visits Shirdi every poornima in
    the morning and after darshan would return in the same bus in the evening.

    I wanted to check if they were around so that I could take their help to find the place
    in RTO parking Plot.

    On contacting the group, one of them said “arre madam hume to bus wale ne 
    subaha nashik utaar diya tha, aur hum teeno cab hire karke shirdi aaye aur 3.00 baje
     vaapis nikal gaye. Hume pata hota to aapko bhi le aate.

    Lekin madam abhi return me hume nashik  city enter hone se pehle car wale ne utaar
     diya aur hum log city bus se dwarka jaa rahe hain. Aap kaha ho?”

    I told them (without explaining them my whole situation) that  I will be reaching dwarka
    stop by 8 or 8.30 as confirmed and assured by the driver and conductor. And further
    requested them to guide me as to how to reach RTO Parking place and how much it would
    cost.They assured me of guidance.

    Next I called the driver of our bus. He said “ arre madam mei tumhe 3 baje se phone kar
    raha hun, yaa to switched off aa raha tha yaa engaged.

    I told him (without explaining him my story) that I am reaching dwarka stop by government
    bus and would reach RTO park positively.

    He said “Fikra mat karo, aapke bina bus nahi jaayegee ….mei abhi vaapis aapko
    phone karta hun….. “

    After 10 minutes I received call from both driver and the devotees of my city,
    “they will wait for me for my reaching dwarka stop and we all together go to
    RTO Parking Plot so don’t worry”.

    And here I would like to mention that our city people are very smart to take full
     service for the money paid by them, so on reaching dwarka stop these three devotees,
    fought with the travel agent over phone and convinced him to arrange a car for us to drop
    us to the RTO bus parking area at the travel agent’s cost….

    So finally I reached dwarka stop at 8.15pm and reached RTO parking plot with my fellow
    devotees  and on the highway dhaabha the bus owner arranged dinner for the entire
    passengers at his cost as most of the passenger were regular travelers and were
    very angry with the mismanagement by the bus owner.

    All well till now. My next worry was to reach my official accommodation,which is far from the
    city and would cost me if I take a cab atleast 400 rupees and I thought of to take a cab
    and to pay on reaching home.

    Finally reached my city safely at 7 a.m. and to my surprise when I got down with my
    luggage and I was about to call the “Taxi For Sure” agency, a car came close to me and
    stopped and I looked at the driver seat, realized much to my surprise that it was our
    office car… but office car on Sunday? ???

    The driver said, “kahan se aa rahee ho madam ,lagta hai shirdi---- baba se mil kar
    aa rahi ho, chaliye madam gaadi me baith jaavo, campus hee jaa raha hun, yahan hamare
    guest ko airport se pick up karke drop karne aaya tha aur campus hee gaadi jaa rahi hai” ……

    When BABA is planner of my journey / my life journey, why worry  :)

    and I reached my residence at 8.30 a.m. with just eighteen  rupees in my pocket  :).


    Many of the devotees would definitely think why after contacting my colleague and
    when I got no reply from him…..I didn’t approach any other source for financial help?

    Dear devotees,

    There are people whom I know and who can financially help me in Shirdi itself ………

    And  received msg from my colleague too, explaining the reason for not attending my phone
    calls since  he was busy with his ill brother-hospitalized  in a critical condition & was shuttling
    between hospital & home and also asked me to share the bank details etc to transfer
     the required money ………..

    And Yes… I chose not to take any financial help from anyone ……. you know why?

    I remembered that fakir’s words….. “500 rupaye me poora mahina chalane wale bhi hain…” .

    So after listening to him, I wanted to live that life with less, for atleast two days and
    wanted to feel the importance and value of each and every rupee we earn which
    we sometimes spend on unnecessary things ……



    BABA kept my purse close to him in the Samadhi mandir for teaching me lessons
    and also

    -    fulfilled My wish to perform pooja at shan isingnapur for my son
    -    my wish for annadanam
    -    Made me realize to live life with minimum requirement and value of money

    What happened to me was like a trailer of what can happen in life, if we live in

    Moral of my experience:

    In life, be it a short road journey or the JOURNEY OF LIFE, it cannot always be
    smooth and comfortable. Sometimes there will be small and big obstacles in our life,
    sometimes one after the other. Only if we have strong faith in BABA, we will get the
    required determination and strength to face the challenges and at each small and
    Big step, BABA will certainly help us

    May Baba bless all with His divine love and kindness.

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    If you are sad n in pain, Be as the ocean, and release. The ocean tides don't pause and hold in anything, they ebb...and then they flow. Only briefly holding on top of a wave for a moment. If something from your past bubbles up, simply take a deep breath, and let it go. More love!
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    Re: Two days in Shirdi with Rs. 580 in hand - My unique experience
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  • om sai ram
    really nice & blessed experience
    thank u shaivi g for sharing
    :-) :-)

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    Re: Two days in Shirdi with Rs. 580 in hand - My unique experience
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  • om sai ram

    Nice share. thank you

    om sai ram

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    Re: Two days in Shirdi with Rs. 580 in hand - My unique experience
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  • Om Sai Ram

       Very Nice Experience. Sai Baba has acted like a teacher. He has thought the following things,

    1. Shraddha (Faith) : The Real test of our Shraddha takes place, not when we are well to do, but when we are in a weak position. We have got to believe that our Sadguru can take us out from that position.   

    2. Money Spending: We have to be judicious in our spending money. Money should be used for satisfying our basic needs such as food, clothing & shelter. Even if we have money, we should avoid lavish use of money. 500 rupaye main mahina chalane walo ko yaad karna chaahiye & so donate money where it is really used for Dharma.  (e.g. The Sathya Sai Hospital in Puttaparthi is the only hospital in India, which provides totally free medical aid to the most deserving people. This is the highest act of dharma, since without such a hospital, these deserving people have no other support.)

    Thanks for sharing. You are blessed by Baba !!!

    Om Sai Ram   

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    Re: Two days in Shirdi with Rs. 580 in hand - My unique experience
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  • Sai Ram

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful experience.

    Sai Ram

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    Re: Two days in Shirdi with Rs. 580 in hand - My unique experience
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  • The most important lesson that we learn is to trust God in every circumstance. Lots of times we go through different trials, situations which we have not even imagined are going to happen after few minutes in our life, but  following God's plan seems like it doesn't make any sense at all. Only Baba has the power to control us  and He will never leave us. We, (everyone) have to learn the lesson from whatever the experience is and take it with ourselves on your journey forward.


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    Re: Two days in Shirdi with Rs. 580 in hand - My unique experience
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  • OM SAI RAM !!!

    Thanks a lot everyone, Yes, its absolutely grace and blessings of BABA !!!

    My intention to share my two days unique experience here was,
    as many devotees, many times get disturbed and think BABA is not helping.
    The whole experience strengthens the fact that BABA is everywhere,
    omnipotent, omnipresent and ALWAYS WITH US to help us
    each and every moment of our life and to teach us our life’s important lessons
    whenever required :)



    If you are sad n in pain, Be as the ocean, and release. The ocean tides don't pause and hold in anything, they ebb...and then they flow. Only briefly holding on top of a wave for a moment. If something from your past bubbles up, simply take a deep breath, and let it go. More love!
       :-* :-* :-*

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    Re: Two days in Shirdi with Rs. 580 in hand - My unique experience
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  • Very nice experience Shaivi  sairam.

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    Re: Two days in Shirdi with Rs. 580 in hand - My unique experience
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    Baba grant  me shelter at your Holy  Feet



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